Brazil's Bolsonaro says UK's Johnson sought 'emergency' food deal, embassy differs

2021.09.24 10:01 autotldr Brazil's Bolsonaro says UK's Johnson sought 'emergency' food deal, embassy differs

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BRASILIA, Sept 23 - Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said on Thursday that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, whom he met this week in New York, asked him for an "Emergency" agreement to supply a food product that is lacking in Britain.
Bolsonaro, speaking on his weekly webcast to supporters, did not name the product, but said he had passed Johnson's request to his agriculture minister, Tereza Cristina.
The British Embassy in Brazil disputed Bolsonaro's account, saying that what the Brazilian president said was not its recollection of the facts.
The British government, seeking to avert meat and poultry shortages, has extended emergency state support and warned its food producers to prepare for a 400% rise in carbon dioxide prices.
Ministers, including Johnson, have repeatedly brushed aside suggestions there could be shortages of traditional Christmas fare such as roast turkey, though some suppliers have warned of them.
Bolsonaro said Johnson also asked him to help increase Brazilian imports of whisky from Britain, but he added in his social media talk that this was up to private business and not his government.
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2021.09.24 10:01 niuz-bot China: Fostul rege al lichiorurilor, condamnat la închisoare pe viață - [Actualitate][Internațional]

Yuan Renguo, fostul președinte al celui mai important producător de băuturi spirtoase din China, Kweichow Moutai, a fost condamnat la închisoare pe viață pentru luare de mită, a anunțat joi instanța, potrivit AFP și Global Times, citate de Agerpres.
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2021.09.24 10:01 taehjelp brb crying •́ ‿ ,•̀ but hey at least the second quest is easy to do at the same time,,

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2021.09.24 10:01 MrKerbs The best league is the world is back with a brand new lick of paint!

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2021.09.24 10:01 meister293 How to look for used motorcycle

I want to get advice to look for used motorcycle. What you should do when contacting the seller, when you meet the seller. When you check out the bike. What papers you should check out (if the title is legit), and when to haggle the price. Would like to get some advice
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2021.09.24 10:01 niuz-bot Vlad Voiculescu: I-am propus lui Florin Cîțu o strategie ce includea implicarea voluntară a unora dintre cele mai importante agenții de advertising în campania de vaccinare - [Actualitate][Sanatate]

Fostul ministru al Sănătății Vlad Voiculescu spune că echipa sa de la minister i-a propus premierului Florin Cîțu, la începutul anului, o strategie care includea implicarea voluntară a unora dintre cele mai importante agenții de advertising din România în campania de vaccinare împotriva COVID-19. Vlad Voiculescu a publicat astăzi, pe pagina sa de Facebook, această strategie, după ce Florin Cîțu a fost întrebat aseară dacă este responsabil de eșecul campaniei de vaccinare și a răspuns că "Nu sunt firmă de advertising".
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2021.09.24 10:01 niuz-bot Rezultatele testelor pentru o nouă structură din Poliție: Zero promovați la Eucație fizică și autoapărare, doar doi au trecut proba de tragere - [Actualitate][Esențial]

Doar câțiva dintre polițiștii testați pentru noua structură din IGPR, Direcția Pregătire Profesională, au trecut probele, la Educație fizică și autoapărare nefiind niciun promovat din toată țara, iar la trageri doar doi promovați, acuză Sindicatul Europol.
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2021.09.24 10:01 jacksmachiningreveng F9F Panther from USS Valley Forge takes out a truck in Korea with accurate cannon fire in August 1950

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2021.09.24 10:01 niuz-bot VIDEO Cum arată acum primul tronson de autostradă care ar putea fi inaugurat în 2021 - [Monitorizari][Proiecte Infrastructura >> Articole]

Circa 9 km de șosea rapidă, din care 4,5 km de autostradă și 4,7 km de drum cu patru benzi și separator de sens ar urma să fie dați traficului până la finalul anului sau chiar și mai devreme. Lucrările sunt pe final, iar noi imagini de noi imagini de pe șantier ilustrează mobilizarea bună a constructorului austriac. Chiar dacă discutăm doar de un tronson foarte scurt, el este „unul de efect care va rezolva o (bună) parte din problemele de trafic” din zonă.
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2021.09.24 10:01 svanapps r/ethtrader - JP Morgan says Ethereum futures are more popular than Bitcoin futures

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2021.09.24 10:01 Aumires The End that will justify the means by using our inputs.

I, as many others I suppose, have seen and/or played both possible ways to advance in Chapter 2. Of course, some of us got a lil bit horrified at the very least. Is this the start of when a "Genocide" route rears its head up? Or something different altogether? In my opinion, and please hear me out in this sleepy tirade of mine, is the latter. I will try to organize it...
Let us go back to Undertale and the already mentioned "Genocide" route: In that one, we Fight to dust all the monster population, calling Chara out to take on Frisk's body and assuming control of it at the end. He gets his plan done through our inputs, which move around Frisk doing the massacre. As such, Frisk may be considered no more than a puppet being controlled on that route, no matter the lack of alignment with Frisk's "Pacifist" original intentions. And our inputs are as impersonal as they get:
- We select Fight.
- We select basic dialogue options. Yes, No.
- A couple options explicitely given out to us. These might seem complex, but they are given to us and are as binary as the one above. "Cinammon", "Butterscotch".
We don't project our feelings on Frisk's body. Just our input. It is how we can, through Frisk, manipulate the game world. Eventually, following "Genocide", Chara takes the chance and assumes direct control and starts manipulating the game world... even reaching as far as corrupting permanently the game locking out of a happy ending after a reset and going back to Pacifist. That is, unless the player themselves uses fourth wall means outside the game to remove Chara's stain.
But enough talk about Undertale, let us go back to Deltarune, shall we? And I mean, the start of it. Before even Chapter 1 truly starts...
"Someone" starts an experiment. And you connect to him through means of a "red heart". As Undertale players, we assume that's a "Soul". Then we get to create a vessel and asked questions. Which we logically think that will be the one our "Soul" gets to move around. All of this though gets to be discarded right away. But then, who are we ingame? Who do we get to control? And then... we start controlling Kris. Our question, quickly answered, Kris being quite a similar vessel in look. We act ingame choosing the options given to us. We play around with Kris being our puppet while being pointed towards the Fountain... and well, after that, Kris gets sick of it and wants agency of their own. They grab their "Soul" and throw it on a small cage. At least until Chapter 2 starts.
Now, on to the sudden secret route of Chapter 2: Noelle's descent into player input trauma. You know already what happens and the implications and consequences of it, while Noelle becomes a Lightner with catastrophic ice powers. Let me make an impartial, insensitive remark:
She technically would be able to defeat herself most future threats.
The "only problem" is the, well, immense mental trauma she suffers now. No, I don't agree with it myself. But do you know who also are incredibly powerful beings? Jevil and Spamton NEO. Well, were. Now, all that remains from them are Shadow Crystals.
How Noelle gets to her chilling point (boo) is the interesting, very interesting part of it: Once again, we, as players, input her to do Ice magic commands. We, once again, direct her inputs to do such atrocities. But there's one, very interesting, little diference:
The voice that we input with our commands for her to hear.
That's not "us". It isn't the player. It is a dialogue option that is clearly not a binary option. There is no reason that we can just choose "Proceed" or "Sorry, I'll do the puzzle myself". There are plenty of possibilities, choices, situations that could pop up. Yet, as players, we are given into our dialog box to choose with our "Red Heart" two options. One that asks our input to follow the route to atrocities and another where we don't give our consent to this. And let me be clear about this very obvious fact that shouldn't be stated even and that's, well, this voice isn't Kris' either. It is a different "entity".
That "entity" makes Noelle "wake" (even an Act command on the tipping point) her "potential" in a cruel, careless, yet technically efficient way. And the results speak for themselves: Queen doesn't get to use neither Noelle nor a popsicle to make another Fountain. Spamton NEO is the one in charge now and intends to use the existing one for his own motivation. Speaking of him and Jevil...
...aren't they too, like, powerful beings that woke their potential after being pushed by some entity? We know that Jevil was the Knight, but Spamton isn't that clear. Yet he did get the information through someone. But, "who" it was is important right now? Not really, it is irrelevant to my point, my focus is in the "voice entity":
I am pretty sure they are the same scientist that contacts with us. And the same one that, in a way, is making the infinite possibilities that could happen in Deltarune reduce to a specific outcome. I believe that they are working to reach it through our player input. This can be either not simply through Mercy or Fight, but as different, intertwining, different shades of morality. We already know that Deltarune's scenario can't be solved merely through purely Fight or Mercy runs. Yes, we can reach a "Pacifist" conclusion on Chapter 1, yet we totally can't avoid Susie from smacking the lil red crown. And we definitely can't defeat it through Fight only in their bigger form! Even Chapter 2's alternate route ends with ACT, even if the result is quite a violent one.
Is that voice entity a benevolent one?
There are two possible ways about it: Either they are and brought us to try to avoid Kris (and others, Ralsei being a suspicious one sometimes) to cause the Roaring and using us as an inhibitor of Kris while at the same time fixing/using the Fountains... or they are kicking this whole process and making our inputs develop the story through an apocaliptic/ascending end. The only thing sure that seems to follow Deltarune's theme is:
The means which we reach with the End, like our choices, won't matter. We are here just to issue our inputs and see the ride to the End.
Yes, I wrote all this while catching sleep...
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2021.09.24 10:01 niuz-bot Rata de infectare în Capitală, în continuă creștere: 3,77 la mia de locuitori / Va intra în vigoare certificatul verde COVID - [Actualitate][Coronavirus]

Rata de infectare în Capitală continuă să crească și a ajuns vineri la 3,77, față de 3,65 cu o zi în urmă. Incidența cazurilor de COVID-19 în București a trecut de 3 la mie miercuri, iar Comitetul Municipal pentru Situații de Urgență se va întruni astăzi pentru a decide noile restricții. Reamintim că în localitățile în care rata de infectare este peste 3 la mie, dar nu depășește 6 la mie, devine obligatoriu certificatul verde COVID, iar potrivit noilor reglementări acesta se aplică și copiilor cu vârsta de peste 12 ani.
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2021.09.24 10:01 haloumiplease CA special consideration/assessment review application after the release of results?

My results came out today and I failed one of the modules by 2 marks. The exam itself I passed, but the overall grade is a fail (due to online assessment)
During the semester I tried to apply for special consideration due to someone close to me passing away but was denied (on the basis I didn't have a death certificate yet). I failed one of my online assessments after that and didn't reapply for the special consideration once I had the death certificate because I thought I would do better in the exam
I'm wondering if anyone knows whether special consideration can still be applied for after the release of the results? And how the assessment review works (since I did pass the exam)? Or is the supplementary exam my only option at this point?
I called up CA a few times but it's the same person picking up the phone and the staff was really unhelpful the first time. I'll be sending in an email soon but hoping someone on here has some insight
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2021.09.24 10:01 Terix9521 MetaRace — The next generation Metaverse NFT Game?

MetaRace — The next generation Metaverse NFT Game? MetaRace — The next generation Metaverse NFT Game?
Cryptocurrency has become of the biggest markets, and it is a massive area of crossover with gaming. Naturally, this has lead to lots of the best crypto mobile games popping up. However, more recently, some NFTs games have also emerged. NFTs offers an exciting prospect to games since they offer a way to quantify and monetize in-game items.
NFTs or non-fungible tokens are an exciting new area for cryptocurrency. They offer a lot of potentials, especially for games.
Let’s introduce this NEWEST NFT GAME — MetaRace
And let me tell you why MetaRace got my attention.
ERC-721 and ERC-20 METARACE is a blockchain game based on horse racing. It will use ERC-721 and ERC-20 standard non-fungible and replaceable tokens, respectively. METARACE’s gameplay includes two main components: collection and horse racing.
Mean means, playing MetaRace can create more income.$$$
JOCKEY & HORSES NFT The collection’s core is to acquire and trade rare virtual items, including horses, jockeys, accessories, and decorations. The game’s collectibles component design simulates traditional scarcity-based collection games or activities, such as card trading or model collection.
PLAY TO EARN METARACE will be a game experience similar to traditional horse racing games. Players will take their collectibles (horses, jockeys, decorations) to participate in the race and get rewards (Play To Earn).
I am still looking forward to the launch of MetaRace, and hope they will release more news.
Between, MetaRace just launched the FIRST AIRDROP, Seem like guess what’s a type of the NFT horse
MetaRace Silhouette Quiz Event Join Discord to guess the design style of MetaRace horses, and the first 20 participants who guess the right will share 300USD airdrop rewards.
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2021.09.24 10:01 IT_Cell_Official Jain Tirthankara statues in Madhya Pradesh. They were defaced and destroyed on the orders of Babur

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2021.09.24 10:01 svanapps Huobi Tech and Kyrgyz Republic Entered Into an MOU, Bringing Strong Synergy to the Parties' Future Businesses

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2021.09.24 10:01 Kiano_Jajino Which library can I use to draw a map of a stock ?

I want to be able to draw something like this afpv5.png (751×372) (
It's not an interactive map (no resize or move whit drag and drop) but it need to support click event
For the moment I use ChartJS with the annotation plugin. It work but I don't know if there is something better to do this
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