I've finally completed my plant island collection!

2021.09.24 11:47 KothogaAyizius I've finally completed my plant island collection!

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2021.09.24 11:47 spritecut Am I just stupid or are things moving at break-neck speed? I just can’t keep up anymore.

A new DAPP DEX AMM DAO NFT PLATFORM PROJECT is dropping every 15 minutes.
If you don’t know what any of those things are, then you’re really gonna be lost/left behind/miss out. Opening up Discord/TwitteTelegram/Reddit and there are 27684 /posts/messages/comments about the latest must see/have/buy projects - DON’TMISSTHISONE! THATONEORTHEOTHER!!!
Help me I’m stupid/exhausted/blinded by constant updates/announcements/releases!!!
maybe I just need to step away? maybe this is what a bubble looks like from the inside?!
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2021.09.24 11:47 newsdk Nordea-direktør stopper: "Jeg har besluttet mig for, at der skal ske noget nyt"

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2021.09.24 11:47 Ok_Calligrapher_6889 Private sector is small business and companies not fed ran I’m sure they would trust silver and gold way more than paper

Louisiana, Utah, and Texas have passed legislation recognizing gold and silver as legal tender, a move that allows citizens to make transactions using precious metals in place of cash. ... Now it's up to the private sector to accept, re-introduce, and encourage the use of gold and silver as forms of payment
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2021.09.24 11:47 Gullible_Giraffe_948 How to stop feeling tired

I got a Xanax prescription for panic attacks and GAD but how the fuck do I stop feeling tired and falling asleep standing up
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2021.09.24 11:47 LunarProximity How do I [18M] stop cockblocking myself with a girl? [18F]

I’ve been enjoying talks with a girl at a nearby shop and she seems to actually want to make conversation, which is nice, but I recently asked if she wanted to hang out, which she said she was down, but I also said as friends.
I know that’s basically a “well there’s your answer” type of thing, but a part of me did want to become friends first rather than pursuing a relationship initially.
To be honest, our chemistry isn’t the most in-sync, but I can’t help but still feel interested in her because of how she actually does have enthusiasm when she talks to me. However, we recently did start texting so I could give her some resources for classes, and I’m unsure if I have a chance anymore because of her dry replies.
I’ve honestly been contemplating between my morals of wanting to develop a friendship versus my desire of wanting to build a relationship, and it’s come to the point where I just cockblock myself from building any sort of romance with anyone.
My plan was to ask her out to dinner and walk around, talk, get to know her as a person to see if I was actually interested in her romantically or as a friend, but at this point I’ve become unsure about my own choices.
I know I screwed up by asking her out as friends, but I felt like chasing someone I barely knew romantically would be morally shallow.
Honestly, most of this is just me self deprecating, but I do think I am interested in her. How should I go about asking her out on a sort of “date” and stop cockblocking myself?
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2021.09.24 11:47 Tehnoobbrothers What's with the sweats on unrated early in the morning/late at night? It almost makes me quit this game.

Sometimes when I can't sleep I hop on val to play a game or 2 of unrated. Nearly every time I get in to a game with a diamond+ level 5 smurf (on both teams) who's trying to igl like it's comp. I peek a corner and get one tapped. They get pissy because I'm not treating this unrated at 3am like I'm TenZ playing in Masters and I have to mute them. Every time. I queued in to unrated for a reason. I want to have a chill game. I don't understand why this is such a consistent issue. I just want to talk to chill people and think about nothing. Do people have nothing better to do than smurf?
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2021.09.24 11:47 LatoyaCoconutz Wouldn't it be awesome to be able to feign death?

Just sayin
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2021.09.24 11:47 Lilcommy LPT: leave your personal life at the door when going to work. Its one thing to keep your coworkers informed on whats going on in your life. Its another thing to bring it up every day.

My wife complains to me about this one guy at her job every day. She tells me the shit he says and how much she's starting to hate working with him. This guy starts right in the morning like the grand Master of the pitty me party and really his actions are going to have a negative impact on his career as at this point everyone is trying to avoid him everyday.
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2021.09.24 11:47 spacepasteo9 Am I (F20) being overly sensitive that my boyfriend (M20) exchanged snapchat info with girls in the club?

My boyfriend and I are long distance and only see each other on the weekends. We’ve been dating since the end of 2020 and official for a little over six months.
He went out clubbing with some friends last night and while wing womaning one of his friends, he exchanged snapchat handles with a few girls. He told me that he did so so that the girls would also add his friend as well because according to him, he couldn’t say no to them adding him on Snapchat while expecting them to add his friend. I feel like while wingwomaning his friend, he presented himself as an option and by allowing woman to add him on Snapchat and adding them back, he presented them with the possibility that he was available. I just don’t know if I should be as upset as I am. I feel like he could’ve told them he had a girlfriend instead of almost leading them on.
TLDR: boyfriend exchanged snap info with some girls in the club and while the intention was to help his friend get laid, I don’t know if that matters in this situation.
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2021.09.24 11:47 samson_kevin When will this pandemic situation end?

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2021.09.24 11:47 Devil8008 Наследник

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2021.09.24 11:47 Lozaa_ When your stalker can't move on... they went to Bitlife 🤣

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2021.09.24 11:47 carmensax Be on the lookout for a silver Nissan Cube

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2021.09.24 11:47 MidgardHelRealm Would you be one of the first players in a multi realm game? We're making No-grief survival and a separate Pvp world community. Friendly adventurers, story tellers, builders and heel characters welcome!

Hi all, I'm looking to build a couple realms for the long term. I'm hoping together we can make a community bustling with story, friendships, a safe place to be for those who want peace and quiet, and conflict & intrigue for those who crave that kind of adventure.
Right now: the server has low traffic, sporadic log-ons, some builds but here's the goals!
Realm Number 1 "Midgard": I'm hoping to make two different styles, one realm more peaceful, it being player versus Environment meant to house your builds for years. It doesn't reset, but the world spawn/start point does move to fresh lands.
Realm Number 2 "Hel" : The Other Realm will be a PVP, chaotic area that is reset every two months. The map will be a copy of the peaceful one, all your builds copy-pasted (the original same from harm) so that you can battle in familiar environments, and retreat to a more peaceful realm when you've had your fill.
Currently this server is hosting mini games and side quests until a pvp server can properly be established
Protections/Rules: NO Hate Speech, No doxxing or harassment.
Your well being is important and moderators will care if you are being harassed or griefed.
In Realm 1 griefing is bannable, your builds are safe and insured with mod intervention tools like MCEdit or creative mod. Griefing includes stealing, and killing other players.
In Realm 2, "Hel"Griefing is encouraged, but not all griefing is equal here. The difference between a villain and a supervillain is presentation, story-driven conflict can be rewarded with rare and vital resources.
Factions: Across both worlds everyone is either part of Team Fox, Dragon, or Wither, it's an honorary title, and you can wander the realms solo, but you can also band together under these common banners to build, battle, make alliances or play ordinary survival with.
You can request which team to be on, or have a random one given, there's NO obligation to meet with your team, but group activities are always welcome!
Trade between realms: In game stores can sell to other players in the same realm, but also requests for resources can be made from one realm to the other. Post what you need on discord, if someone is selling the moderators will complete the trade for you.
Pvp and fighting burns resources, so realm 1 shopkeepers will be needed plenty!
Lore is welcome, if you're creative, submit your stories to be added to the tapestry of story being written.
We have a discord, post pictures of your builds so others can see your creativity!
Coordinate events with friends like village raids, Ocean Monument exploration, major cooperative builds.
This is a long-term project and do not have many regular players yet, if you log on sporadically you may not find someone to play with right away.
Post on our discord to see if someone will be on at the same time! Let's make a community from scratch!
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2021.09.24 11:47 Pregnant_Otacon Is leaving cartridges in the cartridge slot of the console good or not?

View Poll
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2021.09.24 11:47 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.24 11:46 cbruno7 You're Shillin' Me Kenny Boi

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2021.09.24 11:46 milf_fucker_69 itasha van.

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2021.09.24 11:46 robera18 61kWh per 100 miles - per instagram Rivian stories

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2021.09.24 11:46 -normal-reddit-user- Here we go again, China Deems All Crypto-Related Transactions Illegal in Crackdown

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2021.09.24 11:46 NewsElfForEnterprise India merger of Sony, Zee to create TV powerhouse challenging Disney

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2021.09.24 11:46 bluejeans90210 How well-supported is dolby atmos so far?

I don't know much about it apart from that is makes rainfall sound realistic. I have my eyes on an av receiver that has it but maybe I should wait a few years until it's as ubiquitous as dolby digital or pro logic?
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2021.09.24 11:46 mini-kai Plugy

Anyone else took advantage of the server issues to move their plugy characters to D2R? Loving the updated graphics and being able to play full screen.
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2021.09.24 11:46 Administrative-Cut56 Another week another trip to the Pentlands

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