Where to read Bank of the Universe - Chapter 140 - Sword God online for free!!

2021.09.24 12:18 Tessia0710 Where to read Bank of the Universe - Chapter 140 - Sword God online for free!!

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2021.09.24 12:18 iamthephantompain I can't delete my signal contacts. Please help.

In my Signal App (IOS), I've got about 10 contacts under my Signal Contact list who don't have a name. They just appear as numbers. I've recently just changed phones last week. When I downloaded the app on my new phone, I chose the option to NOT transfer anything from my old Signal App, so it's a 'fresh' install.
I tried following the instructions on the Signal website:

  1. Open Signal on your phone.
  2. Open a chat with this contact or phone number.
  3. Tap on the chat header with the group name or contact name/number.
  4. Choose Block, Block this user, Block this group.
  5. Confirm by choosing Block.
  6. Choose Ok.
  7. Go back to the chat to see the icon or alert, pictured below, indicating that you have blocked this user.

Apparently I need to go back to the 'blocked' contact, and from here, I should see an option to 'Delete' the contact. I can't see this. Please help? Thanks
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2021.09.24 12:18 mysticblue17 Mage on mage pvp be like

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2021.09.24 12:18 ElizardethBennett Further clarification on vaccine requirements for city facilities (Sep 24)

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2021.09.24 12:18 Sign-Sigma So not ready

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2021.09.24 12:18 my_name_is_josh_83 I’m gonna cry

“A late flight has caused a delay. Will update the delivery date as soon as possible”
UPS flight from Louisville to Orlando.
I could cry now that I’m not getting it today. 1st world problems….
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I am so sick and tired of the same news China suck my left nut
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2021.09.24 12:18 Nothing0 Tutorials for F1 Data Analysis

Hi all,
I recently noticed out that there are little to no tutorials available on how to analyse Formula 1 data, even though there is a lot of data available (e.g. the Fastf1 python library). This makes the barrier to start playing around with the data quite high, even though the process is not too complex.
So, I decided to start sharing what I learnt in the form of some tutorials. Maybe it can be helpful for some. The first one can be found here
Any kind of feedback is appreciated!
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2021.09.24 12:18 slutylittlehuman How can I get the police to take a crime seriously?

I am aware of an older lady suffering from dementia who is currently being taken advantage of by an unscrupulous person/persons. She has had a great deal of money conned out of her for 'repairs' to her attic (no work was carried out) she has transferred large sums of money to a man, and doesn't know what for, indeed he drove her to the bank! The police don't seem overly bothered with investigating, and keep referring her to social services for support. I have ring footage of the man at her address, as well as evidence of the money transfer, and I'm sure the bank has CCTV footage of the man.
The person doing this to her is likely conning other vulnerable people, it is a despicable crime and I don't know why the police aren't trying to arrest him when there is evidence easily available to them?
Please help, it is a very upsetting crime.
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2021.09.24 12:18 Karat- Unascended scion leveled to 100 in SSFHC

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2021.09.24 12:18 Urgrebser 4635 8813 8468 me sprit adding 10

4635 8813 8468
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2021.09.24 12:18 khas-sc Angelina Cruz

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2021.09.24 12:18 film-bookdotcom Contest: SIBYL (2019) DVD: Psychotherapist Virginie Efira appropriates a Client's Affair for Book Source Material

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2021.09.24 12:18 Snoo_50223 Newbie post

hello everyone, hope you all are doing well. I am a newbie .
just 2 weeks ago I got agl bardock in ss goku banner. I awakened it but it does so less damage in my pure saiyans team. I have str goku and vegeta ( potara base , not Lr yet since its too hard XD) as leader. so how should I use him , I really love him and want him to be good
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2021.09.24 12:18 priyantaDas Help me meditate.

I can't do meditation because I feel a strong sensation in my groin region. I take 4 to 5 deep breaths and my meditation is over. Help how to deal with it.
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2021.09.24 12:18 Tessia0710 Where to read Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou (WN) - Volume 2 Chapter 1 online for free!!

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2021.09.24 12:18 SRLEE1212 Uxie,add672446957491,585673450186,plz stay online

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2021.09.24 12:18 celueworld For those looking to see a tiny JS project go from Vanilla JS to adding state management with Redux, then React class components to function components (Hooks) and then adding Redux again for state management. This is the last part of an 11-part series where I've redone the same project 11 times.

TLDR: For those who have continuously shared they are interested in reading the updates from this project: Here is goes, this is the last part of the 11-part series (massive Yay!)
TLDR2: Please note the disclaimers in the write up (on the use of switch...case in reducers, on using the React-Redux Hooks API and on using Redux Toolkit)
The tiny little JS project has now been rebuilt 11 different ways going from Vanilla Js (with only 3 lines of functional JS code) to using React Redux and building the UI with React Hooks. Every step has been incremental across the series of 11 write ups. There is a write up about each build.
This week I am using Redux Thunk to call an asynchronous endpoint to request the data from an external resource (all while still building the UI with React Hooks).
If you are interested, there is also a repo linked in the write up: https://morsewall.com/random-quote-part-11-react-hooks-react-redux-and-redux-thunk-using-various-front-end-stacks/
A quick TLDR explaining the project: https://morsewall.com/projects/making-a-random-quote-machine-in-different-flavors/
And if you are interested in starting the 11-part series from the beginning: https://morsewall.com/random-quote-vanilla-javascript-using-various-front-end-stacks/ (the first part of the series done with Vanilla JS, featuring only 3 lines of functional JS code)
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2021.09.24 12:18 Verseoftheday Verse of the day in English - Matthew 9:35 NIV in English - Verseofthedaybible.com

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2021.09.24 12:18 hazardous1222 Seriously wth, It just created me a custom TV tropes page, that is completely coherent. I am in awe

Dumbledore "I have spent a great deal of time over the last century and more examining things that others might take for granted."
"I know a lot of stuff."
This trope is a special case of Informed Expertise. As the name suggests, it's about people knowing a lot, but being completely wrong about how they know it. Often they are more knowledgeable in one area than the experts in that field, but don't know much about that other area, leading to a bizarre situation where they are, say, a world leader in a field, but know nothing about other areas of expertise. Often this is caused by some combination of their being a well-educated amateur (someone who is highly trained in a particular field, and is generally knowledgeable about it), and a Luddite (someone who is so unfamiliar with the subject of expertise that they don't see that it's a valid thing for them to be knowledgeable about).
The trope can be either intentional or accidental. In the former case, it's a means of humor or satire. (Usually, in satire, the character is intentionally ignorant because it's supposed to be funny.) In the latter case, it can happen when one is truly ignorant and doesn't know enough to know the difference. An example is a person who is "an expert" at playing video games, but never plays any game outside of their favorite (and, thus, not very useful) title.
In the film series, this can result in an Informed Expertise Moment where the character realizes that he's an Expert, but doesn't actually know much. An Informed Expertise Moment, when you think about it, is a very rare type of Informed Expertise. (The trope name for this is "You're Not An Expert, You're Just An Informed Expert".)
An alternative name for this is Ignorant Stereotype. Also, for some people who are generally knowledgeable, and thus do have a bit of an Informed Expertise about a certain topic, but not as much as they would like, this is the reason behind their being a Nerd.
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A commercial for a book called "The Everything Book" that teaches people about everything, while making fun of the fact that this is a book about everything.
An ad for the new Disney XD show Ultimate Spider-Man had Spider-Man, who was on his way to stop a robbery, get distracted while talking to a police officer about who has the better job, "I've got the big, bad guy and you have the petty crime."
Comic Books
Done as early as 1940 in the very first issue of Marvel Comics' Captain America when Captain America is confronted with a problem that is common knowledge among many super heroes: the Hulk.
Captain America, the ultimate man-of-a-thousand-questions, finds himself in a situation where all he knows is what other people in the room have told him. When he's told he can't have his "super-power," he becomes extremely upset.
Another example is a panel in issue #16 of Captain America. Captain America is talking with his friend Red Skull, who says he is "a super-maniac."
The title of the first issue of Iron Man tells us everything we need to know about the character. In it, Tony Stark tells us he created Iron Man so that he can be like Iron Man.
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2021.09.24 12:18 serpents-lair This was a tweet on Defnoodles. If this is true, if there is evidence of this then that is very illegal isn’t it?

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2021.09.24 12:18 monsterboyanadi What is your deepest darkest desire?

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2021.09.24 12:18 bearthedog13 LETS ****ING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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2021.09.24 12:18 quote_emperor cartolina-aforisma-gandhi-10

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2021.09.24 12:18 IntelligentGuard4827 MEOW_IRL

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