ITAP of a bee on a daisy

2021.09.24 10:55 MrMinerNiner ITAP of a bee on a daisy

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2021.09.24 10:55 iwokeupabillionare How Mary Poppins can be a timelady!

When timetots looked into the untempered Schism, they go through a process of selection, then they go to court , timelords use this process to see whether they are deemed worthy for time-lord society. If they aren’t deemed worthy, timetots are sent into a parallel universe. The timetots go through amnesia, when the amnesia has worn of, they deceptively (or under the false pretence )believing that they are in the original planet; in the original universe.
They can enter into a universe called the purgatory universe. A purgatory universe are used by timelords to remove unfit beings who’ve broken galactic laws into a time-looped parallel universe, unfit beings are under the illusion that it’s the original. Not all time lords have broken galactic laws; they can be culturally unfit for timelord society, so they can enter a heavenly universes such as Mary Poppins. The original timelords, create echo clones like Jenny (who was described by the tenth doctor through this passage an “echo, that's all. A Time Lord is so much more. A sum of knowledge, a code, a shared history, a shared suffering. which inhabit echoed clone planets of the original habitants of the original gallifrey.
These echoed clones can be copies of the originals to keep the illusion, an example can be used to explain how this man became this then to this. Illusionary clones also think they’re the original. These unfit beings also include beings the doctor has described in justification for breaking the interference law:
Trial chamber TIME LORD: You have heard the charge against you, that you have repeatedly broken our most important law of non-interference in the affairs of other planets. What have you to say? Do you admit these actions? DOCTOR: I not only admit them, I am proud of them. While you have been content merely to observe the evil in the galaxy, I have been fighting against it. TIME LORD 3: It is not we who are on trial here, Doctor, it is you. DOCTOR: No, no, of course, you're above criticism, aren't you. TIME LORD: Do you admit that these actions were justified? DOCTOR: Yes, of course, I do. Give me a thought channel and I'll show you some of the evils I've been fighting against. (The Time Lords nod to each other.) DOCTOR: The Quarks, deadly robot servants of the cruel Dominators, they tried to enslave a peace loving race. Then there were the Yeti, more robot killers, instruments of an alien intelligence trying to take over the planet Earth. TIME LORD 3: All this is entirely irrelevant. DOCTOR: You asked me to justify my actions, I am doing so. Let me show you the Ice Warriors, cruel Martian invaders, they tried to conquer the Earth too. So did the Cybermen, half creature, half machine. But worst of all were the Daleks, a pitiless race of conquerors exterminating all who came up against them. All these evils I have fought while you have done nothing but observe. True, I am guilty of interference, just as you are guilty of failing to use your great powers to help those in need! TIME LORD: Is that all you have to say? DOCTOR: Well, isn't it enough? TIME LORD: Your defence has been heard and will be carefully considered, but you have raised difficult issues. We require time to think about them. You will be recalled when we have made our decision
The purgatory universe the doctor’s include Other renegades like the Meddling Monk, Omega and the Master. These are the origins of the ancestor cells. This process in known to all timelords; that’s why the War Chief warned the doctor not to contact the timelords in the War Games- WAR CHEIF: “Don't do it, Doctor. You can't! You know what will happen!”. They concentrate these unfit beings into selected universes, thus, explaining why earth or the renegade timelords universe is just so chaotic; using purgatory universes can be at the expense of lower level beings such as humans.
I call it, ‘the clustered origins of the Doctor’. One, because, ‘the War Games’. The, ‘origins of the doctor’ became he officially made the promise to become the doctor we know and love today. Another, ‘the chaotic’, part is because the second doctor’s regeneration and return to earth is similar to the when Dorothy entered the world of oz. Before I continue; I wouldn’t be surprised if the writers were inspired by the wizard of oz, this is because the movie goes from black and white to colour the spinning house or this, it’s similar to the second doctor’s regeneration where his body spined clock wise; both are entering another universe. This hypothesis is inclusive of characters: like Mary Poppins and others who each have their own parallel universes.
The reason I call it a purgatory universe, it’s because it’s stuck in some sort of a time loop as well. The universe restarts again when the unfit inhabits become disillusioned. For example, when the answer of doctor who is answered; everything goes back to the beginning again. This stops timelords from breaking the, ‘walls of reality’, which I think were broken twice by the original timelords to give the doctor extra regenerations through, the watcher | Doctor Who Fanon), and again in the time crack in Time of the doctor. I don’t think it was the echoed timelords; they still don’t know what the hybrid was, they were under the control of Rassilon and the timelords have shown they don’t give care about the doctor evident through the confession dial situation. They stay oblivious to everything. The morbius doctors aren’t other regenerations; they’re the faces of different reincarnations that have gone through time loops or they’re reincarnations of morbius’s faces.
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2021.09.24 10:55 swagNextTuber 'COVID-19 Cost My Friend Her Life. She Isn't Included in the Death Tolls'

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2021.09.24 10:55 Volaktil Daily Meditation - Voices of Recovery - September 24, 2021

“The stigma for female sex addicts can be even greater than it is for male addicts, just as it was for female alcoholics in the early years of AA.”
“A Special Welcome to the Woman Newcomer”
Is it odd or is it God? My acting out was predominantly with men, yet I found myself the only woman at an SAA retreat and conference. It was a joyful and deeply peaceful recovery space to focus and connect with my program and the fellowship. All the people (men) were easy-going and appropriately friendly, and I identified with every share, story, and workshop I experienced.
My recovery from sexual addiction is God-driven. Who but God would come up with such a powerful opportunity? Having so many men to share this path of recovery teaches a new, healing way to connect that surpasses anything I could have imagined for myself.
I am grateful for the opportunity to experience and form relationships that are based on our mutual desire to stay sexually sober and to grow spiritually.
Leave your thoughts on today's meditation in the comments below. Remember, something you write could help another sex addict stay sober.
Read all meditations online or purchase the book (paperback and e-book formats available).
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2021.09.24 10:55 tombegentjmc96 Sex Education

I don't know if anyone has said this yet but I really want a Screencast of the guys reviewing Sex Education either just the new season or go through each of the seasons I just think they're really like it and it'll make for interesting conversation I know some of them have watched it, what does everyone think? 😊
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2021.09.24 10:55 ahoel2point0 I work on a goat dairy and I wrote some songs.

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2021.09.24 10:55 CamilaCazzy Have there ever been real-life serial killers who believed that by killing people, they were saving nature/the planet?

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2021.09.24 10:55 Eastern-Skill7173 Position modal view

Hey guys!, quick question.
How can I position ModalView? I tried setting the pos property but it didn't change the position.
Is there any way to change its position?
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2021.09.24 10:55 swagNextTuber The Story Behind Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton's Last Live Performance Together

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2021.09.24 10:55 is202020 Do I need an A level Language to study Medicine in Germany

I have 3 A levels in Biology Chemistry and Mathematics, but no language. I need to know if I need an A level language to study medicine in Germany? (preferably from someon who is in Medicine in Germany through applying with A levels)
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2021.09.24 10:55 ere15xkmcPL HUGE KOTOR SPOILERS, LIKE REALLY HUGE

What was Bastilla's and the council plan about Revan before Endar Spire was shot down? Did they want to just test Revan or was there any secret mission?
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2021.09.24 10:55 swagNextTuber Arizona Audit Results Reveal Donald Trump Lost to Joe Biden by Even Bigger Margin

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2021.09.24 10:55 PootSnootBoogie IRNT, ATER, CRVS all have had some amazing runs this week but am I starting to feel bearish on them?

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2021.09.24 10:55 URASUMO So the UK is running out of gas

The UK is running out of Gas/Petrol because delivery drivers can't get into the country.
Also energy suppliers are having trouble meet their obligations to heat homes.
How's your country going?
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