[Fennec] [Interstellar] [Vaporwave Remix] [Apex]

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2021.10.17 19:56 Carter-President my best 2020 record using Trump/Haley

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2021.10.17 19:56 Inevitable_Spring928 Evasion stacking on Champion with replica dreamfeather, 300-450k armour possible with changes to Determination, Grace and Wind Dancer. Extra defensive options (90% maximum elemental resistances, Max block with Aegis and Transcendence) included. Medium investment

Evasion stacking on Champion with replica dreamfeather, 300-450k armour possible with changes to Determination, Grace and Wind Dancer. Extra defensive options (90% maximum elemental resistances, Max block with Aegis and Transcendence) included. Medium investment Hi all, I want to preface this by saying that I play mostly hardcore trade league and when testing in PoB try to have atleast 200% increased maximum life on the passive skill tree. For Softcore leagues these nodes could be reinvested into a crit variant of the proposed build for even higher damage.
I noticed the frosty reception to u/Grand0rk's thread on evasion stacking with champion and wanted to provide my own optimizations as well as build variants for different playstyles. With relatively low investment, an armour value of 128251 was achieved without flasks, with the caveat of 20% more damage taken from attacks. With replica dreamfeather we can forgo all % increased damage nodes and invest purely into % armour and evasion on the passive skill tree, achieving much higher armour values (300-500k), although mainhand damage will be substantially lower than a BiS weapon (this can be somewhat mitigated with added damage investment). Onto the build:
The only mandatory unique is replica dreamfeather which converts 450 armour into 1% increased attack damage. Depending on your skill of choice it may be optimal to have it in your offhand and have a good weapon in your main hand or have two dreamfeathers for twice the conversion. A hardcore variant (ES based) of this build may also consider Aegis aurora with glancing blows and the new Tempest shield reservation + some block investment. This would effectively halve your damage but you would recover your maximum ES upon blocking. If you'd like to go the transcendence variant you'll need the militant faith timeless jewel. If you are going transcendence you should consider using a shield with the buffed 8% physical damage reduction
As for recommended uniques, the first is Starkonja's head, which grants 50% reduced damage and 150% global evasion on low life. This helmet has great stats and has a neat interaction with the champion notable "First to strike, Last to Fall" and the petrified blood skill. Tapping your life flask every 20 seconds you can maintain permanent adrenaline, at the cost of taking 20% more hit damage unless you have an anomolous petrified blood. With sufficient base evasion the % evasion on low life more than makes up for the reduced damage.
Another cool unique is the Three-step Assault boots which have decent stats and 100% increased evasion rating with onslaught and with patch 3.16 now provide 30% chance to avoid elemental ailments on phasing, which could be stacked with other sources to achieve max elemental ailment avoidance. Since you get no benefit from Dexterity you could also try converting your dexterity bonus into spell suppression with the new Magebane keystone and changes to the willowgift amulet. With 300 dexterity and the fortify champion notable you can achieve 100% spell suppression or 50% less damage taken from spells, although you lose the 20% less damage taken effect. If you're running purities (hardcore variant) then Doryani's delusion (evasion) is a great pickup and can increase your damage if you're running an elemental skill.
With nerfs to Formless inferno and perfect form it's probably not worth going these although I haven't done the math. There are many great evasion chest uniques; hyrri's ire, fox's future (not with petrified blood) and atziri's splendour to name a few, but you're probably better off crafting a rare with nice evasion or a unique that benefits your damage skill.
Passive skill tree:
Since we haven't seen the passive skill tree yet I will instead provide general instructions on what nodes are most valuable:

  1. Keystones: Iron reflexes and Wind dancer. If you're going Aegis you'll want glancing blows and the new Divine shield keystone for silly amounts of ES recovery. Wind dancer got a major upgrade for us this patch as the more evasion rating increased and we no longer have the reduced evasion rating if not hit. Never go Imbalanced guard, it is for low armour builds only. At 300-400k armour and 10% physical damage reduction with the new armour equation, you're at 90% physical damage reduction for all but the largest physical hits.
  2. Notables: The only mandatory notables are in the Aura clusters. We will want atleast 25% increased aura effect from the tree which can be achieved by grabbing the Sovereignty and Champion of the Cause notables (left side) or the Charisma and Influence notables (right side). This will help with adding more auras and increase your total aura effectiveness to 60%. Determination and grace provide extreme ArmouEvasion values and it is why we are using iron reflexes and champion.
  3. Small passives: In order of most to least valuable; Increased mana reservation efficiency, increased aura effect, flat evasion rating, flat armour (only if you're going up the left side of the tree and maxing out % armour), % increased armour (slightly more efficient than % evasion due to flat armour bonuses), % evasion and then whatever non-%increased damage skills that improve your dps like attack/cast speed/damage conversion or invest in ES/HP.
  4. Ascendency: I highly recommend champion, the inspirational keystone is incredibly strong and I'm surprised they didn't nerf it. It has the most armour and evasion bonuses + free defiance banner and a lot of damage options for your build or fortify which is a lot harder to get with the changes. If you're going the transcendence route I would recommend juggernaut as guardian is difficult to aura stack now. with two kaom's rings and +1 boots (10 endurance charges), a rare chest and shield with 8% physical damage reduction you can hit 66% total physical damage reduction which can be boosted with pantheons/crab barriers etc.
This math is based on u/Grand0rk's thread (citation at the end), I will provide a basic summary below:
The basic idea is to scale the buffed determination and grace with increased aura effectiveness from the passive skill tree and inspirational notable from champion. With 60% increased aura effectiveness grace provides 50% more evasion rating (lvl 21) and 4120 flat, while determination provides 80% more armour (lvl 21) and 3282 flat armour. With Starkonja's head and decent rares it is not unreasonable to reach around 4000 evasion from armour slots. Combine this with the flat evasion and armour from the unstoppable notable from champion and whatever armour and evasion passives you can get, I achieved roughly 1000% increased total armour and evasion rating. Equations can be found on the wiki.
*4000 base evasion from armour is typical for a full set of evasion armour, probably could get a lot higher with perfectly crafted gear or evasion shield
*Passive skill tree values based on lvl 99 character with 235% inc life, will probably change a lot so I rounded the values to 50s


While we have exceptionally high physical damage mitigation from hits we're still taking 20% extra damage from elemental and chaos de to the Wind dancer keystone and 20% extra on top if we're using a regular petrified blood skill. I have come up with three hardcore oriented builds that mitigate these problems. As an aside the guard skill will always be molten shell and vaal molten shell, where you will easily reach the maximum shield.
Triple purity or 90% max res variant:
Recall that our increased aura effectiveness is 60% or greater, for a lvl 23 purity of fire/lightning/cold this is equivalent to 8% maximum resistances. Furthermore in the current 3.16 patch notes:
" More access to maximum Elemental Resistances has been provided to Armour areas of the Passive Skill Tree in order to shore up the weaknesses of Armour-focused characters. "
Since we want to get all of these nodes regardless, we will probably get any in the marauder or duelist tree which if I had to guess will be be 3 or at most 4(currently 1 from soul of steel). This brings us 86-87% maximum elemental resistances which we can finish off with better crafted amulets/chests etc to reach the 90% cap. While this does drastically reduce resistance requirements making it easier to find good gear with chaos resistance, you will need to invest in increased mana reservation efficiency and mana reservation multipliers like enlighten.
ES/Aegis Block build
Using the base estimate of 430540 armour, aegis will recover 2% ES or 8610 ES on block. We can take advantage of this by getting the glancing blow keystone, discipline (60% inc effect) and the new tempest shield (25% spell block) and getting the additional 5.5% block and 12.5% spell block needed from passives to reach the 37.5% needed for maximum 75/75 block. There are various ways to create an ES build of this kind, I would probably look into intelligence stacking or using an ascendency with better ES (hierophant, guardian, Occultist), trickster especially with ES - EV conversion although it might be hard getting the passives you want. You can also reduce the armour as you're probably regenerating far too much on block.
With Aura stacking dead, this is likely the best way to take advantage of this keystone. 400k Armour is likely enough to 90% mitigate even the most powerful elemental hits so 60% maximum resistances (3.16 nerf) probably isn't too much of a concern. With transcendence you want as much physical damage reduction as possible, the simplest source are endurance charges, 8% modifiers on chest and shield and adrenaline (10%, champion only). They haven't revealed which other sources lost phys damage reduction so I can't really comment. You can invest in craiceann's armour pieces and maintaining crab barriers but you will lose quite a lot of armour. I would recommend an armour or evasion shield (if possible) with physical damage reduction, using a shield-scaling skill (SST, shield charge, SC) as your source of damage. With 9 endurance charges (36%), adrenaline buff (10%) and the 16% from chest and shield you will have 62% phys reduction and 80% with enduring cry. So long as you maintain enduring cry you will be mostly immune to damage. It may be easier to use Juggernaut in this case but you will lose a substantial amount of armour
I haven't really decided what offensive skills would be best, but since the attack damage on replica dream feather is generic I would go in two directions.
If you want good physical damage your best bet is to main hand a good weapon and use replica dream feather in your offhand to boost your attack damage. This is especially important if you're crit as the base crit of dreamfeather is 5%. This would be used in conjunction with the master of metal champion notable so higher attack speed items are probably stronger. In particular paradoxica which could be used for elemental damage as well. If you are using a EV shield for the 8% physical damage reducftion then you can probably use a shield skill for damage. I would also recommend using pride or flesh which will be 60% more effective or 64% increased damage taken at max stacks.
Generic % attack damage scales well with added elemental damage and since we have high increased aura effect we can make use of elemental damage auras such as wrath or anger to boost our damage and even smite. We can then use skills with added elemental damage such as frostblade, molten strike or lightning strike where you would mainhand either a replica dreamfeather, paradoxica or weapon with added elemental damage. It may be worth looking in to life to ES conversion and scaling the new energy blade spell.
In summary, this is a fairly versatile build that utilises cheap uniques, aura effectiveness and armouevasion scaling to make a super tanky character that can still still do some damage. We will have to see what the passive skill tree holds but I believe this build will be viable in both hardcore and softcore, although it may depend on how easy it is to get mana reservation efficiency. More work is needed to determine the best offensive skill or if there is a viable crit variant.
Link to u/Grand0rk's post:
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2021.10.17 19:56 Aggravating_Pop_5360 Let the post-TI shuffle begins

what are your bets?
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2021.10.17 19:56 sprtsjnk247 Caught a perfect circled rainbow this morning.

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2021.10.17 19:56 WearSPFBoo What is this type of wedding band called?

Hi everyone!
I'm wondering if anyone knows what type of style this is called? I found this through Etsy, but I'm looking for alternative prices/stones.
Also, looking for potential cons for this ring as a daily wedding band. Wondering if gap in-between the band and the jewel might trap a lot of gunk?
Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! :)
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2021.10.17 19:56 HoustonToughLuck (H) sb (W)wood brick metal

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2021.10.17 19:56 JoachimG1 Gameweek 8 | Predicted vs Actual Points | xG/xA

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2021.10.17 19:56 Mjauuugirl I pulled out the facts and someone got hurt with a very *evasive* explanation

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2021.10.17 19:56 Eleskinex Cars dalling through map.

There is a new bug after this recent patch which when driving randomly possibly when its trying to render in something your car will fall straight through the map and you will die and lose everything.
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2021.10.17 19:56 Lazerpenguin1225 Not my art but I thought I would share this, (idk who the of wrist is) (I’ll if this is a repost)

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2021.10.17 19:56 Nicolo-Soviet I can't find a functioning kernel for this r4, the version of my NDSi is 1.4.5e. Can someonehelp me?

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2021.10.17 19:56 CatGirlsUnite Fuck 12, fry all pigs!! May satan strike you down!!!!!!!

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2021.10.17 19:56 YOW-Weather-Records 🥈Streak over. After 9 consecutive October days with maximum temperature ≥19°C in Toronto, the maximum temperature was only 15.4°C yesterday. We made it to 2nd place, only 2 days behind the record.

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2021.10.17 19:56 RobertoArnold166 Minions In Black

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2021.10.17 19:56 fakelove91 I started going to the gym again 3 weeks ago after a 2 year break I started at 43kg and now I'm at 73.5kg and don't know what to do with my body should I cut? Bulk? Cut and gain weight from the start idk at this point I don't even know why I'm going to the gym anymore :/

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2021.10.17 19:56 Shadow_Ranger01 Watch band repair

I have rubber watch which its band is broken. Could you inform me where can I find a watch shop for repairing? Thank you ✌🏻
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2021.10.17 19:56 Apurbapaul This is what happens when you don’t give a team toilet papers Valve.

They wipe their ass with every other team in the tournament.
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2021.10.17 19:56 Throwaway_72728 Crave attention from other guys even though I’m in a relationship

So I 17F was quite an ugly and chubby kid growing up. I’d say I’ve gotten more attractive as the years went on even though I did have a few people tell me I’m ugly and random people laughing at me, but at the same time I’ve had guys having crushes on me in school, others catcalling and some asking for my social media when I was out and about. My problem is that growing up without a father obviously causes major issues with needing male attention and I just don’t get it. No matter what I do I see all these girls having guys constantly hitting on them at least online. But for me absolutely nobody texts me online and guys don’t approach me in real life anymore since I’m never out expect when going to school for these last few months. This makes me feel extremely ugly and even though I have a boyfriend and he tells me i’m pretty and his friends say I look good to ( they haven’t seen me in real life yet since were in an ldr and I haven’t yet had the opportunity to come to his city but he has visited my 3 times in mine) It’s just not enough. I don’t want to text other guys or cheat on him I just want their attention without giving anything back. And I know this sounds really bad and conceited but I sadly base my whole worth of other peoples opinions :(
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2021.10.17 19:56 dmitriya Is it normal for dentist office to send you a bill

and not state what it was for?
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2021.10.17 19:56 Swxgjo14 I need a 2021-2022 file pls

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