پلیور مردانه ذغالی مدل Akar

2021.12.01 02:44 takhfifekhob پلیور مردانه ذغالی مدل Akar

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2021.12.01 02:44 limbertinder Does anyone have any information on this doll?

I was given this doll in the 90's by a collector couple who had a house full of vintage dolls. She doesn't have any markings or branding that I can find and I haven't had much sucess with google but I would love to know more about her.
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2021.12.01 02:44 Tiny_Owl_7873 [1920*1080] Aesthetic Japanese sunset

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2021.12.01 02:44 Short-Sundae-5755 U/ArihantDjain & U/zodep

We want to say thankyou and wish your a merry Christmas u definitely gave this family a Christmas cheer!!!!! https://c.tenor.com/zqjef5IbZ3MAAAAM/celebration-dance.gif
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2021.12.01 02:44 marcarooni What was your childhood comfort object (blanket/stuffed animal/etc.) that you took with you everywhere?

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2021.12.01 02:44 TonyMontana8293 What's a supernatural or paranormal entity in your culture that you think exists?

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2021.12.01 02:44 yiffing_for_jesus Shaming a man for wanting to politely break up with someone (a whole sub full of nicegirls!)

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2021.12.01 02:44 TheInward07 What’s the worst trouble you’ve ever been in?

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2021.12.01 02:44 twg-bot Harris drops season high in homecoming affair

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2021.12.01 02:44 SnooHesitations8212 In Keighley we trust lmao. 🤞🏽😉

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2021.12.01 02:44 Old_Cap_2079 Hey my brother is struggling with a drug addiction (just turned 21) he refuses to admit it and won’t talk to my mom or dad making us really stressed what should I do as his brother I’ve tried talking to him

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2021.12.01 02:44 angelrenard All versions of RetroArch 1.9.x refuse to release mouse capture.

F11 does nothing but make the cursor visible or invisible within the RetroArch window. Whether it is visible or invisible, I cannot move my cursor outside of RetroArch to interact with my other monitors without using alt/win+tab. This has been going on since 1.9.0. Can I get a fix, please?
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2021.12.01 02:44 prnkingyouth Xanax 2mg-3mg a day

I take 2mg of Xanax a day. I take 1mg of Xanax around 8-10am and the another 1mg 3-6pm. I want to take another 1mg right before I go to bed because around 3-6am it’s like 12 hours after my last dose and I have been waking up with stomach pain and anxiety. I can’t sleep in though the night. Is it possible to take 2mg-3mg a day or in a couple weeks will I just be taking 3mg a day? And since basically have an active life of 15-18hrs a day with the rest after affects will I ever have to deal with daily withdrawals like I do now in the middle of the night?
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2021.12.01 02:44 TankSignal6311 Lyrics to "Militiaman"

The shot heard ‘round the world shook the earth with great resound, lanterns lit, the riders fled, to warn the farms and towns. The call to arms united them, in grim determination, they vowed to see the Eagle born, and made their Declaration. Honor-bound and bred, they stood as one in their defiance: a Continental Army raised on common man’s alliance. For liberty, the fire, in the hearts of men, did forge the will to break their shackles free, and shape them into swords...
I am the blood that boils in the heart of the beast, I’m a killing machine with a hunger deep, I’ll scorch the earth with a mighty shriek and a million razor teeth. You better believe it, when the boot comes down, the blood I spill on the battleground will soak the earth until the wicked drown, in the death I deal when the hate comes out. Born to the beating of the drums of war, shaped in the fire at Valley Forge, made hard in the waters of the creeks I tore from the Injuns' claws my sons' sake for, thunder crack and the enemy dies, when the barrel spits, the fire flies, aim’s on point at killing time, and I kill with a heart like arctic ice...
I am a militiaman and I’m marching on, I am a dissident and this is my song
My boots are the beat and the rhythm I tread: shake the ground like a thunderhead, rain down in a hail of fire and lead like a reverie runnin’ through my head. Here where the legends live and die, where the eagles scream, and the reaper hides hell can’t stop me, the Devil tried, and I killed him twice when he came as the FBI Come to the nightmare, come to me, I’ll grind your bones in the crushing teeth served to the swine that come to feast on the stink of the fear and the tears you’ll weep I’ll flood commie hordes in a sea of brass, and watch you burn in the fire’s wrath. Pray to the devil that damned you last, the Shadow of Death is the one I cast...
I am a militiaman and I’m marching on, I am a dissident and this is my song I am the fire, the sword and the gun, I am a militiaman and this is my song
Now I live lean and I mean to inflict the grief, and the least of me’s still out of your reach the killing machine’s coming out to feed on the lead and the fire and the gasoline Bound by the blood of the ones who’ve died, as well as the warriors at my side, feel no fear, know my pride: for God and Man I’ll end your life...
I am a militiaman and I’m marching on, I am a dissident and this is my song I am the fire, the sword and the gun, I am a militiaman and this is my song a freedom-fighter, I will keep marching on, I am a dissident and this is my song I am the mighty, a million as one, I am a militiaman and this is my song
they stood against an empire, born a thousand years ago, but “liberty or death”, no less, what every last man chose. They fought and died, for better lives, uncertain what may come as lions on the battlefield, ’til freedom had been won. Though cannon balls, and musket rounds, explosions, cold and fire would challenge their resolve, they raised their Banner ever higher. And when the dust had settled, and the fighting finally ceased... ...an Eagle lit out from the ash...and to this day, flies free.
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2021.12.01 02:44 NunYa9062 Serious friend issues

I (20M) am looking for some serious advice about some issues with my best friend (22M). I’m thinking of cutting ties with him but I’m his only friend. He is very immature and has been since I first met him. He hasn’t matured since maybe 8th grade. He is also a pathological liar and is very manipulative with others. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I’ve grown up around manipulative people so I know what to look out for. He also borderline harasses me and other friends, verbally and sometimes sexually. I’ve been told things by his former close friends of things he’s allegedly done, along these lines, but I don’t know them well enough to determine if they’re telling the truth. But there seems to be a pattern since all of his friends in the past have dropped him and they have similar complaints.
We rarely hang out and we only text sometimes. Ive been thinking about cutting things off between us but the problem is he has some serious mental issues (depression, anxiety, autism, etc.) and I don’t want him to get suicidal. He was pretty much on the edge when one of my other friends stopped talking to him recently. He also doesn’t have a great home life. I’m not trying to say that having mental issues is an excuse to be a dick because it’s not, but if I don’t handle this correctly, it could end bad.
I’ve tried to sit him down and have a serious conversation about some of these things but he’s not receptive and says that everyone else is lying. He also tries to turn it around on me. It’s just an all round not great situation.
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2021.12.01 02:44 Sir-Shady Do dining hall swipes carry over between semesters

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2021.12.01 02:44 No-Entrance5638 My ideal parameters for someone creating a humanized stage 5.

This is only optional, but here it goes.
Voice: Distorted "In a dream" in beginning of k1. Monotone similar to that.
Sex (Gender): Maybe male? I just hope that.
Colo(u)rs: White skin tone, black sclera with white pupils to distinguish from stage 1, monochrome hair choices (Broad choice range).
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2021.12.01 02:44 Excellent_Leg_6256 Should I start an antidepressant before tapering?

I am planning to start tapering off 6 years of clonazepam 1.5mg, my psychiatrist says I should go on an antidepressant first since I still suffer severe anxiety and panic. Is this a good idea? Over the past year they have tried me on a few ssris but they didn't work. One even caused me to try suicide at 60 years old!
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2021.12.01 02:44 2300abar What is the worst scam you have fallen for?

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2021.12.01 02:44 CanadianBhau Something I learnt about grinding in the shadows

I came across a realization when planning my self-improvement exile. Whenever I grind or get immersed in a certain thing, could be a project, hobby, or both, I kind of forget about the world around me and then when the universe decides when it is time, it naturally reveals itself as if I have been discovered. Social media catalyzes this even further when used for the proper purpose, which is to post your successes. This also has a flip side where it feels like I am not working if I am constantly contacting people in real life or seeing what they are up to on social media. The most logical reason for this is the valuable time wasted, but I feel like there is another deeper reason as well. Anyone else notice this as well with themselves?
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2021.12.01 02:44 Hooperhooper24 Which fusion is winning? Duke x Rage vs Bruce x Rage

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2021.12.01 02:44 TastyBroduce New Schedule Format

Alright here is the new format for scheduling that a friend and I discussed last night while I watched Russell Wilson look like a frightened child on MNF.
While the current format for the baseball season is good, I think there could be some shifting to make it more optimal for players, fans, and longevity of the game. This might even help in promoting a more open playoff format where we would see ranked seeds similar to NBA or NFL and less emphasis on division winners.
The new format would look like this:
1) Games would take place Wednesday to Sunday. Monday is rest day, Tuesday is travel day.
2) Your team would play all other 29 MLB franchises in 5 game series. Since there are 29 other teams to play against this would equate to a season of 145 games total.
3) Half your series would be played at home, the other half on the road. The road series in the current season become the home series of next season. (IE, if the A's play 5 against the Rays in Oakland in 2022, then the series goes back to Tampa the following year) This would create one more home or away series each year but over two seasons it would balance out.
4) No more priority given to division games. All teams would see each other the same amount of times over the season, allowing for a truer sense of which teams are actually good versus who has the good fortune of playing in a trash division (Looking at you White Sox)
5) Playoff teams would be the top 12 teams, regardless of league or division. Similar format to NFL, top two teams get byes.

Since DH is likely getting placed into the NL soon, this could work, potentially.
Anyway these are just thoughts and would love to hear critiques/improvements/comments surrounding the concept.
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2021.12.01 02:44 Mirror-Admirable Amyra Datsur!!

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2021.12.01 02:44 Every-Friend-805 Two player pixilated old top down mining killing game.

There was a well known cheat where you name your character Rambo and get all the weapons and an insane amount of health.
Ask away.
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2021.12.01 02:44 PfoorKhoays 🌀 GreenFEG presale is LIVE | New, exclusive and limited NFT collection coming soon 🔥 Launch @ 19:00 UTC ✅

🔥 Mint exclusive Green FEG NFTs 🔥
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About Green FEG
Green FEG says no to rugs and scammers, we want to help people suffering from all the scams on the BSC. People scam because it's easy, but we want to do provide you with a safe token with excellent rewards and benefits from holding even though it will be harder! We have a real use case to develop, we will need a lot of funds to provide on our promises. Because of this, we are trying to get our name out there so we can have a successful launch so we can kickstart our development for the use case. We want to be pioneers in the NFT scene, that's why we will create Green FEG NFTs, which will be a limited edition release. Green FEG will be the beginning of a different NFTs collection series. We are currently developing DAPP marketplace where you can trade those NFTs with a minor minting price and minor transaction fees.
We have a lot to give! This is why we are launching GreenFEG, you just have to hold some to get crazy rewards based on volumes.
A % of every transaction will be automatically distributed to holders. These rewards will be with BNB, cause you know why wouldn't we choose it! We have a presale still live which is 66% sold already! So get in while you can because if you miss it you will regret it! As we are going to the stars. The moon is FUD!
Why choose us?
🏆 3% Liquidity
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Bot free group, Our TG is now open to the public, Join the community before we launch!
- 13% Total Tax
- 6% Reward to Holders
- 3% liquidity pool
- 4% Marketing
✅ Verified BSC Contract: 0x6A3467E83e7f38bC386028218Be4EE3321388F9E
🔐 LP Locked : https://deeplock.io/lock/0xE7dE194fD2Ad5852891346c1bDa856612Bb24B2c
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🔐 Pancake : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x6A3467E83e7f38bC386028218Be4EE3321388F9E
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