The Biohackers Making Insulin 98% Cheaper [Fighting World Suck]

2021.12.01 02:29 Master_Ryan_Rahl The Biohackers Making Insulin 98% Cheaper [Fighting World Suck]

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2021.12.01 02:29 Typical_Welcome611 Switch to Android??

Hey guys, I am really conflicted with the idea of being an iphone user and then now wanting to switch to the Samsung Flip 3. The flip phone has really sold me but I've been an iphone user since Iphone 7. I have a macbook, apple watch and airpods. If I switch to the samsung flip then connectivity is going to be an issue with my devices. On the other hand, I don't really use my apple watch or airpods plus I will get free samsung buds if I buy the flip 3 like right now. I was originally planning to get the iphone 13 pro max but I've been seeing videos of the flip 3 and I am in love. I have compared all the specs that I can and I don't mind the differences. I am just worried about being that person who makes the whole group chat green and also trying to get around the android software. Apple has a way of doing things in their phones and I have gotten used to the aesthetic.
So here I am asking if someone is or was in the same situation as me and decided to switch and is willing to tell me how it's going as an android user. Please let me know your thoughts!
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2021.12.01 02:29 TVS01793 surfmoon

Each and every project's success depends on it's team plan and projected road map. I hope this project has a great team who can plan their road map to take the project to the moon
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2021.12.01 02:29 j-u-s-t-f-o-r-u Hello New Traders

Use my Referral Code: PHNXCWXT
And we’ll have a 10-10% split on trading commission so you’ll be saving 10% on your trades. If that’s okay with you. Thanks & Happy Trading. 😊
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2021.12.01 02:29 Asitarimootec1 Anime logic in a nutshell

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2021.12.01 02:29 aTROLLwithBlades This is that #1 pick they were talking about...

We actually got him boys
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2021.12.01 02:29 Practical-Ad-9027 Its water

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2021.12.01 02:29 RawrOfTheEmo Small Question on ordering stuff that is out of stock

Just ordered volumes 3 through 7 of Oyasumi PunPun with the sale going on. Just wondering since volume 3 is out of stock right now will my other orders be shipped out first and then volume 3 or will I have to wait until volume 3 is in stock to receive my orders?
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2021.12.01 02:29 Forward_Juggernaut fixed it.

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2021.12.01 02:29 myg2k3 Do they built it in your house?

I bought 2 alexa’s on ikea and I got an email saying that they’ll bring it into a room of my choice but I want to know if they’ll built it for me.. I prefer them not to and was just wondering.
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2021.12.01 02:29 Divinedoodoo "Thesku isn't very good" Thesku:

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2021.12.01 02:29 ifindthishumerus Interesting addition?

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2021.12.01 02:29 Comprehensive_Jury34 This face

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2021.12.01 02:29 trapprius How do you know if a plant is rare?

I guess you could say i’m new to plant collecting and am not really sure where to start when it comes to “rare” plants
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2021.12.01 02:29 youngboybetter123 Los since taking a vacation to stream early: 1 stream before 10:30--------Streamed less than half of the days since coming back as well.

He went on a vacation to fix his sleep schedule and he said he would stream around 7-10 everyday. Even some day streams. It's been about 2 weeks and none of that has happened.
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2021.12.01 02:29 bl4kers Searching for an old visual posted in this sub

Hello, I remember watching an album-long channel ORANGE visual posted here circa 2016. Five years, dang time flies. It was random stock footage spliced together to match the vibes of songs. I recall it being very good and probably took forever to make
If I remember correctly the user posted a Dropbox link to it but said they were going to delete the post pretty quickly to avoid issues with copyright/distribution
Any leads or anything feel free to comment or DM. I don't want to get this user in trouble
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2021.12.01 02:29 throwaway1123581321n what’s wrong with me?

i identify as bi right now though i lean more on liking women but i’m not out yet, only sa close friends ko lang. i think im below average to average in terms of looks maybe 6/10 in a good day. i have suitors pero puro lalaki (and i have rejected them all na) like lalaki lang ata nagkakagusto sakin and it’s so frustrating because i want to date a girl. pero nakakainis din kasi di ako makapag out and i dont have the guts to do it. hayyy
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2021.12.01 02:29 mcsheerin What are the minimum requirements to run VoxEdit?

I have a surface pro 7, and I can even run the application and get to the main menu. It's every time I try to actually start creating assets that the whole window freezes and I have to shut it down.
Game maker requires 512mb of VRAM, I certainly don't have this the same requirement for VoxEdit?
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2021.12.01 02:29 r0s3w4t3r A YouTuber/MUA I used to watch changed her name because “god told her to”

I stopped watching a long time ago, but I finally unsubscribed. Is this not batshit insane? Everyone in the comments is praising her telling her they’re glad she’s getting closer to God. Someone said they didn’t understand because they’re not religious but she’s glad that she has that. It’s literally insane.
I don’t know if this is bad to say but personally I am kind of sad and because she had a unique name that I believe was tied to her culture. And her “new god given“ name is that of a - and I quote from one of her posts - “45-year-old white woman.”
How brainwashed do you have to be to manage to convince yourself that God was talking to you and told you to change your name. Like that means anything at all.
All I can think is how crazy this is. And how I would be berated in the comments if I said anything at all to question her choice. This is genuinely scary.
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2021.12.01 02:29 BigBerger Has anyone else gotten shipped a regular Xbox Series X in place of the Halo Edition they ordered or am I just that unlucky.

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2021.12.01 02:29 SubliminalPP 1 hour and 30 minutes

1 hour and 30 minutes till start. Im going for alpha and i wont be stopped, best of luck and be strong friends o7
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2021.12.01 02:29 PinupWitch Today was a better day (:

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2021.12.01 02:29 Qucumba Reference photo for my last post. Ignore if you haven’t seen it. ❤️

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2021.12.01 02:29 Connect_Repair4635 Lepasa wonderful project. This project is top listed

Lepasa wonderful project. This project is top listed. This project is perfect from every angle. I recommend you to see their announcement and work. #lepasa #nft #blockchain
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2021.12.01 02:29 marcomkc Vallo di Diano. Salerno. Italy. First snow of the year

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