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Petal pappilose cells surface view.

2022.01.27 21:10 Micro-girl Petal pappilose cells surface view.

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2022.01.27 21:10 iioiiioo Friends are accidentally paying with my PayPal

I recently logged into my friends Uber eats account to buy us food. Unfortunately the app seems to have saved my account details and is now making me pay for all of their meals. They are really sorry about it and want to pay it back but there must be an option I can log them out from my account right? I changed my password and logged out all devices already but I got another bill today. The website is not helping. Help :(
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2022.01.27 21:10 RageGamer913 The Ned Kelly Armor

Does anyone know a glitch that still works to get the Ned Kelly armor from either gun run or the mission you wear it?
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2022.01.27 21:10 The8thMonth_AV How tf do you win against Anivia Control?

Honestly, in the current meta this is (for me) the most tilting deck to play against other than Ahri Kennen. You're always on the clock to beat it, but they have unlimited answers to anything you do (I have played Taliyah/Ziggs, Sivir Akshan, Scouts, Pantheon and lost ALL matches).
Are most decks just an auto lose against it or what?
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2022.01.27 21:10 VastNew1017 Chance for good news

For a Non-Auto in state admit do you think it is likely to hear good news Friday coming into this weekend or do you think this is about it. As a non-auto in state I am hoping it’s the first. Good luck everyone!
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2022.01.27 21:10 m00nbum $18.76 (Reg. $79.99) LifeStride Women's Energy Knit Sneaker

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2022.01.27 21:10 Bigddy762 My Knight-Vexillor!

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2022.01.27 21:10 maxzutter It might sound hypocritical to you guys

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2022.01.27 21:10 PuzzleheadedWave2318 Smart offers for smart people - Crypto mining equipment Winter SALE

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2022.01.27 21:10 Educational-Young482 How did Messi get the motm over mbappe…

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2022.01.27 21:10 murderguppy pricepoints?

another redditor kindly gave me a list of parts i would need to build a pc, and i’ve been browsing newegg, but i don’t really know how much these things should cost for a mid/ average pc ( i plan on playing a bit of minecraft/ts4/val). here’s the list of stuff, and keep in mind i have no prior knowledge in any of this stuff 😀
a case (with fans for cooling!) power supply unit (PSU) motherboard (mobo, for short) the processor (CPU) memory (called RAM) storage (SSD, or the considerably less desirable HDD when starting out) a graphics card (GPU, or technically dGPU) if you're not using a processor with an integrated graphics processor (iGPU).
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2022.01.27 21:10 48turbo Joined the club. Milling/finish question.

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2022.01.27 21:10 Heylowareman Fairy Tale

Since I was a little kid I have always loved everything related to the magical world of fairies, elves and goblins. My passion for them made me ask of my parents for plenty of books, stuffed animals, and clothes that made me closer to them, allowing me to get to know them better. My room was full of charms and amulets that drew them closer to me, using the ancient methods the Celtics druids employed in their bonding with these creatures. Now, many people I´ve met take my words the wrong way when I say that I was connected to the fairy folk. They think I mean that figuratively, as if what unites me to the magical kingdom were but a mere act of imagination. I have always despised the so called realists, those who say to believe in nothing more than what is written in history and science papers, and deny the existence of what they call pure superstition and mythology. I hate it when they bring up that word: myth, and equate it to a lie, saying that anything under that category is to be regarded as fairy tale. I´ve always tought to myself at the explanations of these narrowminded simpletons: why, of course they are to be treated as fables, they are the key to understanding the supernatural, just as a dictionary opens up the vault of a language or an encyclopedy teaches about nature! All three forms of education are on the same level, and not one is to be considered more true than the other. As simple as that the laws of physics dont make any less valid those of chemistry or biology. Its basic knowledge, albeit not common it seems, as it appears only I am aware of this facts.
But since what I define as normal, everyday wisdom is strange to the mayority of humans, I am bound to explain that my experiences with magical creatures are, or rather were, to put it simply, as lucid, factual and solid as the evidence supporting the reality of big foot, wich, no matter how sceptic a person may be, has even footage, (funny word in this context), testimonies and footprints, and many other proof to ground its footing. And so I claim to have had actual interaction with the faerical as a child, like I could talk to pixies, garden gnomes, mushroom people, satyres and, of course, the elusive, silent little house dwelves, a combination of a dwarf and an elf, quite common in the northern region of my county, altough hard to encounter unless one were to use christmas cookies to allure them, and only if you added mistletoe in the mixing, for Santa is not fond of children that mess with mom´s cooking, as she always said, so that´s one way of avoiding him eating what isn´t meant for his bloated belly. Just so you know.
As a matter of fact, I could not see them, I must say that much. Anyone at least a tad bit acquianted with otherwordly logic will know why. But again, those who are don´t usually share this information with the general public, so it´s no surprise that I had to explain it over and over again to my parents and the false school Friends I used to have. It´s because the fairies are timid and beautiful creatures, so much so that they only ever appear to the naked eye when the person trying to spot them is under the effects of their special herbs. You know the ones, people use them to see all kinds of normally invisible entities. That is because our brain, being a rudimentary organ not developed enough out of its monkey phase, is unfit to process that side of the world that belongs to higher realms, so it needs aid, suplementary elixirs infused with spiritual qualities. It´s easy to grasp really. Scientists say that roasted meat is what enabled the evolution of our thinking capacities. Same principle.
Anyways, my parents just couldn´t get it. When I was younger, they supported my yearning to get in closer contact with the little people. They bought me everything I asked to conduct my rituals, and also to instruct myself, be it movies, disguises, wands, pets, flowers and tapestry, toys and jewels. They thought of it as the typical excentricities girls of that age are attracted to, and that it would be a passing hobby. But as I grew older and my false Friends at school stopped calling me cool things like witch or possesed and began sending me threats and beating me, and I started to fight them back, only by my own “twisted” means, well, they reacted badly.
First, the psychologist. She tried to convince me that my experiences with my real Friends were not only delusional and unhealthy but also dangerous both to myself and to the people around me. It didn´t matter how much I refute her arguments and tried to make her realize her mistake. She just wasn´t special like me. Some people become that way due to excesive reasoning and boring rutines. But the worst was yet to come. Because second in came the psychiatrist. She appeared more humane and comprenhensive at the beggining, but I soon learned the hard way that she was just pretending, she wanted me to let my guard down, so that it would be easier for her to strike. And when she did, oh boy, she unleashed it. By telling me that the hideous pills she gave me were actually in some taunting manner magical. I believed her and started taking them regularly, just as my parents wanted me to do, thinking perhaps they would be the substitute I needed to take the place of the special herbs my parents wouldn´t consent in buying for me. I thought I would finally be able to see my Friends, and was thrilled at the prospect of them suddenly appearing before me in all their shining splendor. Oh boy, how wrong I was.
I didn´t note it until it was too late. I kept going into the grove that was near our house searching for any sign of my playing partners as I usually did. But weeks went by and they didn´t show up. I started to grow worried. They would often call for me from Deep within the Woods, guiding me to the fairy ring in the very heart of nature at the end of the tree line. From there on I would hear them talk to me hours on end about their misdeeds in human houses and the ideas they got for how I should trick my parents to let them into our own. But one night that I reached the fairy ring without their aid and noticed that there were no voices anymore, it dawn on me. Those sickening, wretched medicines the psychiatrist was giving to me, they were poisoning me!, making me lose my grip on reality. What made me special and different from everyone else… was gone!
I confronted her the day after the realization, and contrary to all decency and professional vows she not only admitted it, but added that she was overjoyed by my “progress”. Can you believe it? She didn´t show any signs of remorse for tricking me, moreover, she was delighted at her wrong doing. It wouldn´t matter how much I resisted afterwards and refused to take the damn toxines, my parents would feed them to me during meals without my consent. Even if I tried to vomit them into the toilet, the effects were already taking over my mind. I couldn´t fight it. They have succesfully deprived me of what I cherished the most.
I was desperate, hopeless, despondent. And all the while everyone around was cheerful, congratulating me and wishing me a soon recovery. How much I hated them. Relatives, false Friends from the school, teachers, doctors, neighbors, all of them now suddenly sent me letters, remembered me, said they were proud of what I had achieved. Liars. I knew they didn´t really felt that way, but I had to comply. For I couldn´t let anyone know that they had won.
There was nothing more I could do, I thought, except for maybe quit. Not in like giving in kind of quit, but rather as in, well, you know… surfing the internet for an answer. And so I did. I spent hours upon hours of research in many different wikis, asking the administrators, posting my problem, commenting in threads, chatting with other users, watching videos, hearing podcasts, clicking link after link, refreshing pages until I got a response, buying whatever mechandise they offered as an alleged remedy for my senses; I even started falling for the ads and junk windows that poped up in my screen, knowing full well they were only viruses and that the real follower of the occult wouldn´t share his or her profound and hard gained mastery in exchange for the lust for wordly possesions. It took almost a year. A whole year in wich I had to feign happiness and mental sanity to my ever disingenous parents. But finally, when I tought it was just too much to bear, my salvation shone upon me like a polar star. It didn´t let itself be reached that easily though. And I didn´t expect it either. It was rather like a faint and twinkling candle light, that slowly, gradually lit up the torches in the way to the shelter.
Myfairyfarm.onion it was called. And, as the internet geeks should already know, it wasn´t even a site you could access by normal browsing. It required a special program to visit. Tor, the hall to the infamous dark web. Me, being a total stranger to the digital underground as I actually liked to go outside and use my legs, had to be pacient in the learning of this nerdy craft. Technology is not really my thing, so as I said before, slowly, gradually I made my way down the rabbit hole that would take me to the wonderland of my dreams. So they said. The thing is I learned from this website from a discussion forum in Fourchan. There were these five users that claimed to have, and I quote, “discovered the internet equivalent of the gate at the end of the rainbow”. The expression wasn´t that fortunate, as there isn´t really a gate up there, but a leperchaun train station, but I was nonetheless enticed by their finding. All I had to do, they said, was this and that in order to register and play. Yes, because it appeared it was somehow like a game. They did a lot of explaining. I didn´t really care about their exposition. I wanted to learn first hand.
So I did. I downloaded the damn tor thingy and entered the link I copied from the post. And I was in. Surprising. It was easier than I expected. The home page was colorful and playful. It presented itself as a children´s art school would, with big, extravagant titles with few letters and many cartoonish drawings in the background. Kinda unusual, not gonna lie, for something that was inside the darkest dungeons of the internet, but far from repelling me, it was instead more like my cup of tea. It only asked of me that I filled the registration form with data that wasn´t at all that specific nor commonly requested. It was I would say personal, but not in the customary sense. It didn´t ask for an email account nor for my credit card number, as I imagined it would. Nothing to verify my identity.
Now, I don´t know if all sites in the Deep web are like this, but this one only required you to enter a user name and your zodiac sign, the species of your prefered spirit animal, what type of magic I would like to summon: White, black, pink or other; and wich one of the hosts of the game would be my channeler. That was a funny Word. The options were Cheshire, the cat, Alice, the pawn, Hatter, the madman, and Jolly, the jaberwocky. I filled in the blanks, and pick Hatter as my channeler. And with that, the game started. The rules appeared on the screen. I didn´t feel like Reading them, but I did only because they didn´t appear to be too many. In fact, there were only three.
The first one: I was to use actual living animals as offerings.
Second one: As I grew my farm of magical creatures more, bigger and superior offerings shall be bequeated.
Third one: Once and only once the final ultimate offering had been made I would be able to meet all my magical creatures at the other side of the portal.
I accepted, without hesitation, excited to see how exactly this game was supposed to work. And before I knew it, I was met with the image of what looked like an ampty stall. An avatar of the Hatter then appeared with a dialogue bubble that said: “Welcome to your fairyfarm, Ingrid. To call your first creature from beyond the portal into your farm, first you must sacrifice the following animal with the magic of your choice. Since you chose other, you can use the weapon you desire to do it, including your bare hands. Get creative and most importantly, don´t get caught! We don´t wanna disappoint your fairy godparents now, do we?”
Below the avatar of the Hatter layed an image. No, more than that, a photo of the hamster my parents had bought me the last Christmas with her name on top of it: Musky. But that´s impossible, I muttered out loud. I never ever took a picture like that nor did I ever mentioned the name of my pets in any of the internet forums I had visited, be it the dark web or the white one. And the name the Hatter had said addressing me, it wasn´t my username, it was my actual name. The site wasn´t supposed to handle that kind of information. I was off put and didn´t know what to make of it. I turned off my laptop and went to sleep that night confused as to what I should do the next day, and a little bit freaked out too. The thought invaded me as I was in my bed trying to get myself to close my eyes and shut my mind: Musky hadn´t done nothing wrong. This site was asking me to become an executioner. Perhaps that was where the line laid. If I were to cross it, then my parents and the psychiatrist would have the reason they were lacking to lock me away forever in an asylum. I asked my Friends for advice. They didn´t answered. I was alone. I didn´t want to be. That was the thing I dread the most. Well then, something inside me said, then we know what must be done.
I did. Musky was my first victim. That same morning, before anyone would wake up, I took her out of her cage and put her alongside the hamster of my sister, Amy. She ripped her head and began eating her as I watched. Later that day I would say during breakfast that Musky had escaped her cage and that I didn´t find her. As my parents were outside my room discussing how they will tell me the bad news, I turned on my laptop and accessed Myfairyfarm.onion. After I logged in, the animal stall appeared. This time only, it had one creature in it. It was a lovely lizard tail rabbit. I had read about them in my books of magical creatures. I was overrun by excitement. It was hippity hopping all around the grass. The avatar of the Hatter then appeared at the right side of the screen, with a chat box that said: “Congratulations on your first capture! Musky the lizard rabbit is now a part of your farm. Shall we go on with the next hunt?”
I entered “yes” in the command prompt that time and the time after that. The challenges became increasingly difficult with every single creature I called into my stall. But just the sight of them crawling or creeping or pitter pattering aroung in the grass in my screen was enough to keep me going. The time came that I had to steal dad´s shotgun to go out and Hunt in the grove. The animals I offered were Majestic, and their counterparts in the stall even more so. Firearms scared me and I had a hard time learning to use them properly, but plenty of practice. By the time my horse reindeer appeared on my screen after I had killed an entire family of deer I had become an expert shooter.
Six months had passed since I first accessed the site. I couldn´t keep the rumours from spreading. Soon the neighboors and other hunters will inform my parents of my mischieves. But its okay. The hatter just told me that my last and definitive offering is next. I wait in front of the screen, eating cookies while the photo of my next victim loads. After this I will be accepted by the godparents and allowed to cross the portal to meet with my precious loved ones. Oh, because I know already what is gonna appear in the photo in just a moment. The godparents never disappoint. I have the shotgun almost ready. The police coming to investigate outside my house won´t be able to do anything to stop me. The photos are up. The faces of my dad, my mom, my sister and I appear on the screen, with our names on top of each picture. I am overjoyed. Finally, I think, as I pump the forend of the rifle, now they will know how sane I always was. And all of us will live happily ever after.
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2022.01.27 21:10 Breadit9 Best movie of 2018?

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2022.01.27 21:10 NotWilll Why is the weather channel a left leaning network?

They report on snowflakes
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2022.01.27 21:10 mcparksky Part of me wants the team to get one of those young, quick dual threat QBs. But then I watch old Ben highlights and I want us to get a big, indestructible mother fucker like he was. Even bigger and Ben-er.

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2022.01.27 21:10 eatmyass6987 Get this dawg on the cast

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2022.01.27 21:10 Total_Reporter5799 Help a desperate mom get a Gengar for my five year old daughter on let’s go pikachu! 😰

My five year old daughter and I are new to video games.. I’m desperately hoping there is a kind soul out there who would be willing to trade with my five year old so she can get a Gengar! It’s her first video game she has ever played, and Gengar is her absolute fave, I promised her he was in Pokémon go only to discover we had to trade!!! And we don’t know anyone with the game, please help! ❤️
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2022.01.27 21:10 DefonceGems Resources for vulnerable young people (16-25) in Los Angeles.

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2022.01.27 21:10 thatnamelesguy Found this guy in Target

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2022.01.27 21:10 plasticpastie1992 Why did this sub downvote a news article about the Fishermen?

It seems everyone cared about the Fishermen until the Fishermen said something that they didn't agree with. The Fishermen were rightly concerned about the impact the Russian drills had on the fish, then they spoke to the Russian government.
Then the Fishermen for the Russian military to reach a negotiated settlement that suited both parties and said the Russian government treated them better than the Irish government treats them.
It seems like you didn't like that news story from the downvotes, as it doesn't fit the main narratives at the moment. Maybe a wee bit of direct action and peaceful negotiation goes a long way and we can all drop the sabre rattling and focus on our real issues here at home?
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2022.01.27 21:10 YeuYeuYeu Haven’t played since madden 20.

Is it too late to start up on ultimate team? I played a lot in madden 20, but didn’t play last year and I haven’t gotten this years game yet. I know nothing about this years game, so that’s mainly why I’m asking. Is this years ultimate team worse than it was in madden 20?
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2022.01.27 21:10 ExtHD Russia, Ukraine Agree to Uphold Donbas Ceasefire in “Tough” Negotiation That Excluded Biden and the US

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2022.01.27 21:10 Xx_-Boi-_xX And half of the other mods

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2022.01.27 21:10 kissylipps Provisional license renewal

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