Marjorie Taylor Greene endorses JD Vance in Ohio Senate race

2022.01.27 20:44 Bearcla3 Marjorie Taylor Greene endorses JD Vance in Ohio Senate race

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2022.01.27 20:44 Bardox30 What's the point of 'drawing a man in the rain' in countries where barely rain hard, and most of the time there's only a shy drizzle that doesn't need an umbrella?

I was thinking about all the times I had to readjust my draws again and again and again until I found the perfect way of drawing to be always accepted in job interviews. And then I started to watch a serie, which started with an old-fashion song, something like from the time of our grand-fathers or grand-grand-fathers. And I saw a person wearing an umbrella, which for me was cool, but weard because of things. I live in a city which is near to the desert, the public transport is cheap and the norm for 95% of people, and we didn't use umbrellas because are expensive(little offer increase the price, and also I live in a poor country). So, for me it's not something I'd think automatically because is an strange use. I'd prefer a hood in my jacket or something similar. Umbrellas for me are weards, so why in job interviews are expecting from us to draw a f*ckin' umbrella? There's not point on that! Why do they insist in us drawing something is not culturally accepted to use in the rain?
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2022.01.27 20:44 17minutes13percent UFC middleweights Uriah Hall, Andre Muniz agree to April 16 fight

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2022.01.27 20:44 iridesonice What are all the language-learning options in Belize?

Hi all,
I would like to know which languages apart from Spanish and English that can be learnt or examined for an international certificate in Belize?
Are there any French Alliance institutes? Places that offer HSK exams for Mandarin certification? Any language schools?
Any information would be very helpful!!
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2022.01.27 20:44 hooonk123 Updated my build a tiny bit, is this good for PCVR? Mainly looking to play Half Life: Alyx, Boneworks and other triple A games.
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2022.01.27 20:44 mg440 Water Fountain - A7iv + 28-70gm

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2022.01.27 20:44 LordFuzzball124 Megaminds long lost cousin

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2022.01.27 20:44 WikiMB My ginger elementalist

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2022.01.27 20:44 Ishu_Panesar Got One Ui 4.0 on my Note 10+ but buga

Finally got my One Ui 4 update day before yesterday, it looks good changes in UI, but there are also bugs, one is app drawer background is black, whereas in apps screen grid settings it shows blurry, second bug i noticed is with gestures, in snapchat when I do the phone's back gesture it pops up keyboard and then it goes down again. And another issue I had was the google maps notification, when in another app or home screen, you click on the gmaps notification, it should take me to gmaps, but it doesn't. So far these are the issues I faced. Anybody has any other?
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2022.01.27 20:44 JunketElectrical5767 Unpopular opinion on NorthEastern?

They need to have an optional why us essay.
Listen, I know we all dislike writing essays (especially why us essays) but the reason they have such a hard time predicting their yield is because they literally don’t know who actually wants to go and who just added it to their CommonApp. AND less of you would have gotten deferred because the decision you got would have reflected how much effort you put into that supplement. you guys are all bright so i’m sure you would have written something decent enough for them
This way, they can still use their dumb acceptance-rate-lowering tactics with an optional supplement, but also make their decisions with more logic.
Schools that have no supplements always confused me because like … why do you not care to know about your applicants’ desires to go to your school
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2022.01.27 20:44 Faction_Chief @USATODAY: From @usatodayopinion "The point is that women, and mice, can wear whatever they want and still be feminists."

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2022.01.27 20:44 -Yolk I (15M) have a crush on a friend (15F), and I was wondering if they might like me back?

Ok, so I finally am pretty close to her, and she trusts me a lot. She had mentioned a beach that is popular to go to where I live, and us growing up in the same area, both of us have childhood memories at this beach. I had mentioned one of the foods at one point, and she gave a reaction and got so happy. She said that me and her will go to this beach together when we are 18, whether I like it or not. Taking in this info, me being me, I don't know how to interpret this. Please give me your thoughts on this matter, I will give any info if requested.
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2022.01.27 20:44 JeisenBeatz (free) JuiceWrld NickMira type beat "Bad Romance"

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2022.01.27 20:44 Sweaty_Budget5387 How to get Kali Linux 2021.2 up and running in VirtualBox?

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2022.01.27 20:44 Sky_Hawk3340 Diana Ross (1970s)

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2022.01.27 20:44 Apprehensive-Essay81 To all the Smash Ultimate fans out there…

I was just messing around playing Cloud on Midgar having fun switching between different songs and one missed opportunity I feel is that Judgement Day was not added when Sephiroth was included with the Northern Cave. Now I’ll put some bias aside cause that is my favorite song from the soundtrack however I feel like given that it plays throughout the trek through the cave it has a fitting place on the soundtrack. But I digress. My question is if you could add more FF7 content to Smash what would you add? NOT INCLUDING CHARACTERS. I know content is concluded for ultimate but I’m tryna think of a reasonable inclusion that could’ve came alongside Sephiroth. We got blessed with more content but think about Terry who had like 50 songs and whatnot lol. For me…
Songs: Judgement Day Fort Condor The Chase
Mii Costumes:
Cid (sword fighter) Vincent (gunner) Rufus (gunner) Yuffie (brawler) Red XIII (hat) Cait Sith (hat) The Turks (as brawlers but only maybe… that would be a lot of content at that point lmao)
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2022.01.27 20:44 BGNonsense You have to Rush B. How do you do it?

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2022.01.27 20:44 Then_Lifeguard_6892 Will you ever forgive bruhisthisreal?

View Poll
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2022.01.27 20:44 Faction_Chief @USATODAY: One of every four COVID-19 cases reported in the United States from the entire pandemic was reported in January, a @USATODAY analysis of @JohnsHopkins data shows.

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2022.01.27 20:44 mark77soon Street: Combat Zone

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2022.01.27 20:44 SocialismForAll [Socialism for All] "Some Questions Concerning Methods of Leadership" (1943) by Mao Zedong. Audiobook + Discussion. (38:27)

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2022.01.27 20:44 IMgrtrThnU Should I Complain, Or Fix Myself? (Broken Hammer / It Wasn’t, When I Bought It)

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2022.01.27 20:44 blueyedleo Urgent: What would you want brought home to you?

hello penis people
i want to bring my boyfriend home something cute ??? like men can get women flowers…but like what would you want brought home to you?
can’t be dinner as we’ve got leftover - also, he’s got mad hayfever so I can’t bring him flowers.
pls reply ASAP as I have 2 hours till the end of my workday :) Thanks team
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2022.01.27 20:44 genshinimpacttrader looking for fortnite gift cards/roblox for my Kazuha genshin impact account

trading my kazuha genshin impact account for a fortnite gift card or a roblox gift card! the account contains... (only 1 5* (kazuha). the rest of the skins are barbra, xingling, beidou, noelle & all the free skins like amber, lisa kaeya ECT. female traveler. dm me or comment if you have any offers! (i might go first)
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2022.01.27 20:44 demosthenes_locke0 The 'Jeogiyo noona hokshi namja chingu isseoyo' equivalent in different group

So for context, this line is from Wow by Stray Kid's 3racha. It's sort of the song you want new stay to know but not sure if they're ready to know this history. Even 3racha cringe when listening to it.
I wonder what other track by other group had a similar journey.
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