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Junior Year Schedule

2022.01.27 19:35 mozzarellapie Junior Year Schedule

I think i’ve picked out my schedule for junior year so any advice would be great.
AP Lang
AP Bio
Honors Spanish 4
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2022.01.27 19:35 LTS2933 Functional Neurological Disorder Diagnosis 20M

For nearly 2 years now (these came on suddenly) I have had a tightness in my throat, where my jaw meets my neck, and the constant urge to swallow, with significant attention paid to how I’m swallowing, as well as difficulty swallowing especially when I’m eating or drinking too quickly. These symptoms have been constant. I also get extremely short of breath when I exercise. I played college baseball but was forced to stop playing once these started happening.
Some intermittent symptoms include feeling like my eyes are super dry and needing to blink a lot, headaches (which usually happen days in a row) and vomiting (same thing, some days were very bad and would be day after day).
I’ve underwent what feels like every medical test under the sun to rule out organic causes. Spirometry, EGD, modified barium swallow, chest x-ray, brain MRI, blood tests, laryngoscopy, stress echo, cardiac MRI, and I’m probably forgetting others.
I didn’t feel stressed prior to these symptoms going on. I’ve tried 5-6 antidepressants, Xanax, hypnotherapy, and CBT.
Am I crazy for not knowing what to do next? My life feels like it’s been put on hold, and to be fair, it really has.
Has anyone gone through something like this? Or have any suggestions for further steps to take, I suppose? Any help would be so much appreciated, it’s been a rough 2 years. Thank you for reading!
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2022.01.27 19:35 ItsjustmeReddit Need Reroofing Advice for Flat Roof

I recently purchased a home with a flat roof (I know) and found out it was poorly done after a huge rain storm here in Southern California. It looks like they laid down felt straight over the previous felt (if that what it is). I’m pretty sure the decking underneath is saturated and probably rotting.
I’m in the process of getting quotes from licensed roofers and I’d like some advice on what questions to ask and how to fix this roof correctly, possibly adding a slight pitch to encourage water to drain.

First potential roofing guy says that the felt was not “burned” so there was no seal and water permeated through. I guess this makes some sense as my ceiling got soggy in various places. He said he could add a slight pitch by tearing down to the decking, replacing any bad sections, then use 2x4s starting on the right side near the wall to build up a small slope. He’d put more decking and felt, tapering it off to the opposite edge. The flashing would be replaced.
Does this sound like a reasonable solution? Is there a better way to do this? Is there a better material to use?
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2022.01.27 19:35 Over-Arrival-7350 Looking for Late 90s Early 2000s Shoujo

So back in the early 2000s I borrowed a manga book from the library and fell in love with it. But now i forgot the title or how it looks like but i still remember parts of it. This manga was definitely not a series cause i would had read all of it. Lol
It goes like this, so our protagonist is a girl who met a guy when she was young but only for that one time.
As she grew older, she met up with the same guy she saw when she was younger but she doesnt recognize him.
(This is where it got a little hazy) Either she was hurting and he was helping her through things or i dont remember. But what i do remember is that they got close but nothing happened.
He then disappears from her life. No one knew who he was except her.
She then tried to find him but couldn’t.
He later showed up as an angel, to tell her that everything will be ok, cause he will always be with her? (I think)
Anyways, I want to find this book to add to my collection since it was such a good read. If i could get some help finding this. I would be deeply appreciated. Thank you!
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2022.01.27 19:35 Amy-Acker [WTS] [USA-OH] [H] Topping A90 Amp [W] PayPal

I have a Topping A90 for sale. It was purchased recently from headphones.com. I could return it but would rather pass it on to someone else. It's a lovely amp. I recently went with a Lyr 3 and Jot 2 for my needs so I don't need this any longer.
Price: $430 Shipped. Includes original box, power cable. Mint condition. Black model.
Ships next day (excluding Sunday). Feel free to PM with any questions!
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2022.01.27 19:35 Famous_Skill_3180 Top Pa. Dems to miss Biden visit, cite scheduling conflicts

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2022.01.27 19:35 ead9d5be Need help finalizing rig.

I will be ordering the following items:

  1. Rig Metal Basic Sim Cockpit, no options added.
  2. Fanatec GT DD Pro, no options added.
  3. NRG FRP-310 Seat, no options added.
  1. Do I need to add the Rig Metal wheel plate to mount the Fanatec GT DD Pro?
  2. If I do not need to add the wheel plate, will I lose the ability to tilt the steering wheel? Is this a big deal?
  3. The NRG seat appears to come with some sort of bracket. I assume I would mount this bracket to the chassis, then attach the seat to the bracket. Am I missing any parts here?
Thank you for the assistance!
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2022.01.27 19:35 Nontendo84 Non-stop honking.

There's this truck that's just constantly honking. It's getting crazy. It's 11:30 pm where i'm from.
My window's open, i could close it but it would be too quite. I thinks it's coming from a highway. Should i close the window?
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2022.01.27 19:35 Economy-Pressure1794 Does this chart show potential for entrepreneurship and/or success as a content creator? I’m interested in my career potential. Thanks!

Does this chart show potential for entrepreneurship and/or success as a content creator? I’m interested in my career potential. Thanks! submitted by Economy-Pressure1794 to astrologyreadings [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 19:35 Beautiful_Total_2657 Dip nail polish from amazon

What are your guys thoughts on dipped nail polish from Amazon? Are they're any favorites or any that are better than others?
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2022.01.27 19:35 isjsjenebebwhw Am I a rapist?

So… this is a bit of a complicated situation. A few months ago I met a guy “Mike”, we hooked up once, but then decided not to have sex anymore, because we started becoming closer, and I wasn’t interested in a romantic relationship. We still saw each other and hang out as friends until a week ago (I’ll explain), but the most intimate we got with each other was cuddling.
I met another guy, “Rob”, who said he’d be interested in an FWB relationship, and I said sure. He said his only standard was that I was single, and by the time I’d met Rob, Mike and I hadn’t had sex for 2 months, and hadn’t even kissed for 1 month, we were just cuddling and I didn’t feel a romantic attraction to him at the time, so there wasn’t even a doubt in my mind that I was single. The first time we met, Rob and I didn’t have sex, and although I didn’t particularly want to, I went back to him and had sex with him because he wanted me to (he didn’t force or pressure me, I just have trouble saying no to things). After having sex, we discussed our sexual histories, and I mentioned in passing having another FWB.
He said “you have another FWB?”, and I suddenly remembered what he’d said about wanting me to be single. I explained to him that this FWB and I hadn’t actually had sex in two months, and I said that all we did was cuddle and kiss occasionally. (We didn’t actually kiss at that time, but I was hoping that by saying that Rob wouldn’t want to see me anymore). I apologized and asked Rob if he felt lied to, and he said “no, it sounds like you’re single to me. I assumed I wasn’t the only guy you were seeing anyway”. He said he still wanted to keep seeing me, but I didn’t.
Last week, I saw Mike again for the first time since meeting Rob, and Mike and I made out. After that, I didn’t really think it would be ethical for me to see Rob anymore because I was getting the hint that Rob wanted more than FWB anyway, so I texted him and told him I didn’t want to see him anymore. He was disappointed, but understanding.
Did I lie about being single? In my mind I really was and I wasn’t trying to be deceptive, especially since I thought I was only going to see Rob one time. On the other hand, it doesn’t matter whether I intended to be deceitful or not if Rob really did feel deceived and just didn’t tell me. What do I do? Did I do something wrong?
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2022.01.27 19:35 _Second_Account_ Totally jittery at the premiere of Jennifer’s Body

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2022.01.27 19:35 Ok_Working_9219 Best East coast US server

For streaming from the UK? Getting 30Mbps without vpn connected. Drops to 18 with Windscribe turn on. Which is boarder line for 4K DV streaming.
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2022.01.27 19:35 moaning_gorilla Did you know the hit game among us is only 3.74 on steam

yo what is up you guys right now we're at mcdonalds, and it is currently 3 in the morning and we just found out when you come to mcdonalds at 3 in the morning, you can order the among us happy meal you guys, that's right, you heard, me, the among us happy meal, and there's a toy inside of among us- you can either be a crewmate, or it can be an impostor and if you guys do not know what among us is, you must be living under a rock you guys, this game is insane, ok? so you can play with a bunch of friends ok? like 8, i- i- i think it's up to 10 people you can play with, and there's impostors, and there's crewmates, and pretty much the impostor is trying to sabotage the whole game and trying to win. it's insane you guys, once again, this- this video is not sponsored at all, but this game is insane. so we got so excited guys we love the game and we found that the mcdonalds is offering an among us happy meal, AND there's a toy inside, but supposedly, when you get this happy meal you guys, something scary and weird with the impostor. now i don't really believe it, but these videos i've been seeing on youtube have been insane, so that's why we're here right now, we're gonna go through the drive through, and we're gonna order the among us happy meal. But i need EVERYONE to like this video if you're excited, ok? like this video with your knuckles right now, just smash, hit the like button, SUPER HARD you guys, on the count of 3 seconds i wanna see what you guys can do cuz i can't do it, and if cole can't do it, no one could like this video with their knuckles so let's see if you guys can do it in 3 seconds. 3, 2, 1. OH HO! they can do it! (oh my god!) you guys, if you could do it comment down below, and also leave a comment down below if you ever played among us, or if you know anything about impostors, or crewmates, or among us, alone. and we'll shout you out on the next video, so thank you guys so much for leaving AWESOME comments all the single time, it's amazing. yeahhhh, alright you guys, moment of truth, i don't see anyone in the line though, yeah i haven't seen anything about it! this is mcdonalds, how may i help you today? hi um, can i get the, uh, among us happy meal with a cheese burger and no pickle? and can i get um- uh- do you have orange hi-c or no? no, we have an orange poptart, apples or extra ketchup oh, french fries? anything else, sir? that's it ok please come to the second window alright. gasp no way they actually have it no way!!!!! no freaking way!!! they actually have it dude no way! no way! alright i'm putting my mask on guys, turn off the light? ok, ok yeah ok hey how are you? ok here you go man oooohhh ok cool. laughs hysterically THE TOY!! They actually had it dude! Dude no way! no way! ok im gonna put my mask up. hey how He wanna says something? oh, thank you! OHH MY GOD GUYS WE ACTUALLY GOT IT in the most ear piercing voice possible The among us happy meal you guys. Dude this is so cool. Ok you guys taks off mask we're gonna head back home and open this up so we can see what inside of it cut to house with woman who looks like shes 100% a dead body holding the meal Ok guys we're home and im like ready to feast on this thing and i also really wanna know what insideare you. OOOH , ok cool, laughs hysterically I dont like how its not decroative though. whats he doing? Hes putting the key that no one knows cause you can only get it at 3 in the morning, OOOH it has to be secret menu item. It has to be secret menu. oh my god. ohohoho my god. i really though he was gonna say no like they dont have it i thought it didnt exist He wanna says something? oh, thank you! OHH MY GOD GUYS WE ACTUALLY GOT IT in the most ear piercing voice possible The among us happy meal you guys. Dude this is so cool. Ok you guys taks off mask we're gonna head back home and open this up so we can see what inside of it cut to house with woman who looks like shes 100% a dead body holding the meal Ok guys we're home and im like ready to feast on this thing and i also really wanna know what inside Yeah you guys this is going to be IN SANE imagine getting the among us happy meal from mcdonalds? Cause i know they had a travis scott meal and a impossible to hear the amONGUs happy meal? I think thats so much cooler though. this is gonna be so insane and you can only get this item at 3 am and its a super unique item guys so im SUUUPER glad they did not sell out when we got there but nichole, this is gonna be creepy you know what amongus is its creepy man It gets like very demonic, It does sometimes, very weird im kind of freaking out and im wondering what kind of toy it is but lets stop talking and just get right into it, everyone LIKE this video right now, if we can get 30000 likes it will show you are excited i want to see if you guys are excited right now so like the video. alright you ready? im ready. ok lets open this up. ok Ready? lets see whats inside it ok 3 2 1. EWWWW. What what?. WHAT THE HECK? What? Dude i cant do that im not gonna eat that. what?? im not gonna eat that. what? LOOK AT IT, LOOK AT THIS. What, the, heck is that. thats so gross its disgusting you know what? grab the camera. I know its 3AM but come on thats disgusting you cant give that to people If you're giving this to kids they're gonna get sick from this. Wheres all the fries? depression when no fries Theres like no food, EWWWW look at this, i think its a blood. WHAT??!?! Wait are you serious. . . THIS IS THE AMONGUS TOY? Pulls out mousetrap What the heck? What is this? And theres more blood over it too, look at this! Oh its a mousetrap! (note this is a full grown ass man doing this) is it supposed to be a trap form amongus? YEAH! Like in likeliek amongus you can get trap and rooms they have the electronical room (this is supposed to relate to among us) But why would they put that in a kids meal? thats literally dangerous. Does it actually work? if this (touches mouse trap and it fucking mutilates him) OOOOO Theres saliva coming out of his mouth owwwww. OH MY GOD DID IT BREAK YOUR FINGER??/ nononono im ok i thought it was gonna be like a fake toy or something. pain Now we know for sure its real though, owwww. i dont know what else is in there please be careful. You guys like the video right now if you wanna see what else is in here this is nasty. pulls out cheeseburger with no blood on it theres more blood on this It looks so dry though hamburger becomes bloody EWWSWWWWWS what is that. What the fff- i need monetisation sorry for my language but what the f is this??? reveals crewmate body in burger WHAT IS THAT? Are we gonna call a meeting or something like that? this is weird, this actually feels like its real life, look at th, look at the burger passionately sniffs burger ewww that is nasty man ewwww door knocks did somebody just knock? YOU GUYS somebody just knocked on the door right now its 3:20 in the morning now though theres no way someone can knock on the door walks slowly over to door and opens it but looks in peephole first Its blocked Somebodys covering their hand on it look you cant see, back up back up back up SHHH! get a little closer just in case you guys wish us luck in the comments right now please pray for us 1 2 3 red crewmate is taped to peephole both of them have an asthma attack oh my god oh my god. whats going on? You guys look at this. Is this the among us toy that was supposed to come with the among us happy meal??? Or do you think they deliver it maybe, maybe they like forgot to put it in the box but wer didnt tell them our address? you guys look at this, IS THIS THE IMPOSTOR? Looks like it. But anyone can be the impostor you guys look at this they left an amoNGUS toy a- or what if hes real? what if hes evil? I mean its 3 AM its literally demon hour. WE DIDNT CHECK THE DRINK YOU GUYS Be careful. Because theres something wrong with everything in this meal. WHY IS IT YELLOW? it smells sour like funky (instantly drinks it and spits it out) OMG WHAT IS IT? Its pee. WHAT Its pee (im not adding anything in this is what happens in that video) and i have pee in my mouth now (how does he know the taste instantly) dude you are gonna get sick omg i told you not to drink that. Guys that is not normal man like the amongus came to our door an- another asthma attack as it dissapears Where did it go? Oh my goood i literally just put it right there, wait did he fall let me check where is he? checks under desk is there anything there? i dont, i dont hits head of of desk OW oh my god are you ok are yo- door shuts oh my god, what is going on. door knocks again They are knocking again heads towards door guys please pray for us in the comments right now like the video red crewmate is back on the door again dude what is going on what is going on dude, guys now we got this thing fricking evil It has to be possessed. theres no way i literally put him right there but if theres two of them i i dont know. So mcdonalds is not delivering this this is real life its evil, you guys the video is becoming way too long i agree its 17 mins of this shit we're gonna have to end it right here thank fuck and we're gonna find out what should we do with this should we cut him open? what should we do comment down below should we go back to mcdonalds i need you guys advice right now cause this is not normal once again like the video guys if this was insane and if you guys are not subscribed subscribe Also follow our instagram we will probably put this on our story or we will put it on next video, make sure to go follow our instagram at im not advertising you bucko if you guys do follow the first 500 followers we will follow you back so make sure to go follow our instagram right now we are gonna have to go put this in a box or something this is not right, so we'll see you guys in the next video man this is creepy dude
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2022.01.27 19:35 tomhanksmemez What is it?

I like writing letters. I certainly do enjoy the process. I just wished it would be a little easier to say some things out loud. That woud be amazing. It would probably feel better, i guess.
Love, Me.
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2022.01.27 19:35 Tenrek__ [US-NV] [H] Xtrfy MZ1, Broken ZA13-C [W] PayPal

Xtrfy MZ1 Black:

Broken Zowie ZA13-C
Comment before PM. CONUS only
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2022.01.27 19:35 Theflufffluff Can someone get me the new poster (Mirror one) without the label and stuff?

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2022.01.27 19:35 Long_Nefariousness70 Asgard Savages is looking for Apex players

Hey! I run a small gaming community called Asgard Savages and we would be happy to have you! The discord link is discord.io/asgard_savages(make sure to open it in a web browser) If you join just send me a dm on either Reddit or discord(ASG LoneWolf#6473)!
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2022.01.27 19:35 VeganPizzaPie Vegan reuben from Ben and Esther's

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2022.01.27 19:35 Mulligan0816 Is there a way to report drivers in this game?

I just got done with a Spa race and I ended up finishing 2nd, but my race was completely salted by this piece of shit in last place in a Mercedes.
He’s blue flagged, so I get over to the side to pass him and that’s when I notice the damage on his car. Lots of it.
He then accelerates as I’m pulling up beside him and runs me off the road, bumping me off in the process.
I still got second, but his kind doesn’t deserve to race in these types of races man… pisses me off
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2022.01.27 19:35 tiffikxsylm Furrys

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2022.01.27 19:35 runrunlittlecat In case bobby boy is still lurkin, just because its been 10 years, doesn’t erase the fact that you assaulted someone

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2022.01.27 19:35 AboveNothing I might be in trouble

Asked my step mom to turn down her tv cause I can literally hear it from outside
"May you please turn that down a lil"
"Fuck you"
Honestly didn't mean to say it, she flinched but stayed quiet, maybe she's learning.
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2022.01.27 19:35 LilMooney When did your mother stop breast feeding you?

I don't know why I am asking this...
View Poll
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2022.01.27 19:35 InevitablePop9872 This is the mood

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